These are the most popular travel destinations

Patience is a virtue; However, it seems that summer is taking a very long time this year. To get into the summer mood and dream away at the idea of ​​a holiday, MASTERS lists the most booked destinations by Dutch people this summer.

Skyscanner conducted research into the search and booking behavior of Dutch people for the upcoming summer period. According to the company, cities such as London, New York and Paris never lose popularity. However, it appears that travelers this year are mainly looking for lesser-known places and unique experiences. For example, according to the research, the destination ''everywhere'' is increasingly used: ''More and more travelers are getting used to the idea that a flexible destination can lead to lower prices and special experiences.”

The website's research also shows that now that countries in Asia have reopened their doors to international tourists, 38% of travelers have long-distance trips planned. 

Bring your laptop and go

More than a third of Dutch people plan to travel alone this year and 13 percent of Dutch people have plans to combine their holiday with work. Having too much work on the shelf is no longer a good excuse not to go this year... 

Still looking for some inspiration for this summer? These are the top ten most booked destinations this summer: 

  1. Bangkok (Thailand)
  2. Málaga (Spain)
  3. Split (Croatia)
  4. Cairo (Egypt)
  5. Bali (Indonesia)
  6. Faro (Portugal)
  7. Jakarta (Indonesia)
  8. Lisbon (Portugal)
  9. Barcelona (Spain)
  10. Nador (Morocco)