The latest addition from Monique des Bouvrie

It is perhaps the country's best-known interior designers, Monique des Bouvrie. The interior design queen is also no stranger to Maretti Lighting, so the two joined forces and the Noctornals totem lamp saw the light of day. MASTERS shines the light on this new creation.

Monique likes to use the power of light and shadow as an artistic medium in her work. The Noctornals totem lamp has hand-woven shades of untreated and black bamboo. These create a fascinating play of light and shadow that fills the space. The man-sized eye-catcher stands on a base of black Carrara marble.

Monique des Bouvrie: “The fascinating shadows of this light sculpture always tell a new story.”

Monique was inspired by, among other things, astrological elements for this design. The hard marble symbolizes earth and fire. The open bamboo shades represent the elements of air and water. You can order the 190 centimeter high design here.

The Netherlands' most famous interior designer

Monique des Bouvrie is a designer, creative director and co-founder of Studio des Bouvrie. Her designs can be seen in magazines, books and television programs.

Monique is known for her eclectic style in both residential and commercial projects. By combining the personality of her clients with aesthetics, functionality and art, she creates remarkable projects.

Monique has a idiosyncratic and feminine vision on design, which is reflected in her lighting line for Maretti Lighting. In this category you will find the exclusive lamps that Monique des Bouvrie designed for Maretti, a leading brand in the lighting industry. These lamps are not only functional, but also real eye-catchers that give your interior a special and special atmosphere. The collaboration between Maretti and interior designer Monique des Bouvrie resulted in various lamps.