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Michelin stars 2023: these are the winners

The famous Michelin stars for 2023 were announced today during the Michelin Guide Ceremony in Amsterdam's DeLaMar Theater. Culinary Netherlands was rewarded this year with 17 new Michelin stars, 1 second star, 4 Green Stars and 8 Bib Gourmands. Here it was raining stars…

During the award ceremony, 17 restaurants were allowed to immerse themselves in the Michelin world for the first time and received their first star for their restaurant. While there were ten in 2022, this year there are 17. Most stars flew to restaurants in Amsterdam and Maastricht.

Utrecht's comeback is striking. The city was last awarded a star in 2013 and can now once again boast no fewer than two new star restaurants: Karel 5 and Maeve.

As of today, these restaurants can call themselves star restaurants:

  • Karel 5 Utrecht
  • Chateau Neercanne, Maastricht
  • VanderVeen, Amsterdam
  • Lizz, Gouda
  • Flavors, Weert
  • Brass Boer Thuis, Zwolle
  • Bistro de la Mer, Amsterdam
  • Central Park, Voorburg
  • Restaurant Smink, Wolvega
  • Studio, Maastricht
  • Maeve, Utrecht
  • Coulisse, Amsterdam
  • Codium, Goes
  • De Woage, Gramsbergen
  • Yama, Rotterdam
  • Au Coin des Bon Enfants, Maastricht
  • Basilica, Harderwijk

Multiple stars

While the new stars were given out quite a bit, things appear to be a little quieter with the second stars. Only one restaurant, Vinkeles in Amsterdam, received a second star. A third star was not included during this year's awards ceremony.

green ster

Since 2020, awards have also been presented to restaurants that attach great importance to sustainability: the Green Star. This year, four of these sustainability stars were awarded:

  • Hof aan Zee (Koudekerke)
  • Restaurant Rotonde (Rotterdam)
  • Morel (Koudkerke)
  • De Dyck (Woubrugge)

Bib Gourmands

Bib Gourmands are awarded annually to restaurants where you can eat three full courses of your choice for around forty euros. These restaurants are known for their generosity and excellent value for money. These restaurants can be counted among them this year:

  • Lazure, Amsterdam
  • Wils Bakery Café, Amsterdam
  • De Voorburcht, Hattem
  • HAVN, Hoorn
  • Bistrot Regent, Nijmegen
  • Roundabout, Rotterdam
  • Poortman, Veeningen
  • Senang, Zwolle (owned by Jonnie and Thérèse Boer)

Finally, two more awards were presented. The Young Chef Awards went to Yornie van Dijk (Basiliek and Eindhoven) and the Sommelier Award was received by Nadine Mögling (Bij Jef in Den Hoorn).


Also during MASTERS EXPO Every year, the Michelin stars of heaven are cooked in a pop-up Restaurant M*, where last year a record number of 34 star chefs - together representing 54 Michelin stars - were in the kitchen. This year, from December 7 to 11, a record number of top chefs will again stand shoulder to shoulder to celebrate the joy of the profession and provide guests with culinary enjoyment.