Throwback to inspiration show MASTERS TALKS

Business icons came together at The Exclusive Preview in the Elicium during MASTERS TALKS: a spectacular inspiration show, led by journalistic moderator Toine van Peperstraten. An oeuvre award was also presented: Businessman of the Year. To which iconic entrepreneur was it awarded? MASTERS looks back.

Ministry of Entrepreneurship

During the spectacular inspiration show, the audience took a whirlwind journey through the Dutch top entrepreneurial landscape, narrated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship. At MASTERS TALKS, business icons such as Atilay Uslu (Corendon), Paul van Riessen (Quote), Rico Verhoeven, Tesla's Kim Liebregts and real estate man Cor van Zadelhoff spoke about their success and entrepreneurial journey.

Nice prizes

Editor-in-Chief of the Quote business magazine, Paul van Riessen, put the audience to the test about Dutch entrepreneurship with a serious Quote 500 Quiz. After a tough round of questions that tested the knowledge of the contents of the Quote 500, there was one winner who walked away with a nice Quote 500 prize and was also awarded a great travel voucher of Southern Escape. A trip for two to South Africa.

Businessman of the Year

Real estate entrepreneur Cor van Zadelhoff received the entrepreneurial oeuvre award 'Businessman of the Year' during MASTERS TALKS. Under the watchful eye of entrepreneurial Holland, Van Zadelhoff was surprised with this honorable award. The award was created by initiator Yves Gijrath, founder of business fair MASTERS EXPO in cooperation with business magazine Quote. The award is an ode to entrepreneurship, his industry, his social commitment and the entire oeuvre of this person. The oeuvre award was designed by artist Mo Cornelisse.