A unique opportunity to…

New, controversial and exclusive! The networking event on the Amsterdam canals: MASTERS BOAT PARADE. A festive start of MASTERS SUMMER EDITION in De L'Europe Amsterdam. On Thursday, June 20, you will sail along the canals of our capital with your best relations, toasting, to the National Summer Drinks. There couldn't be a better start to the summer... BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!



MASTERS SUMMER EDITION conjures up 20 through 22 June the prestigious From Europe Amsterdam into a true fairytale hotel. Throughout the hotel and on the terrace on the Amstel, summer is ushered in and celebrated together, for three days, in the heart of our capital. A merger of (international) guests, influential locals, CEOs, family business owners, VIP relations, visionaries and acquaintances.

At this invitation-only event, stately period rooms with a view of the Amstel - from exclusive (family) businesses - invite you to experience the high-profile brands and industries. From boats to watches and from art to travel. There is a party both outside and inside and the experience is unique to say the least.

Special encounters, culinary experiences, one-of-a-kind art exhibitions, brand experiences and live entertainment predominate during this iconic three-day event. MASTERS SUMMER EDITION will be a special journey of mastery, entrepreneurship, culture, authenticity, history, fun, elegance, creativity and conviviality. From 21 to 23 June in De L'Europe Amsterdam: the iconic summer event of the year.