Masters to Watch: Jasper Annink

MASTERS will be talking to prominent figures from the business world, including Jasper Annink, director-owner PRTNRS.Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer | Online editor: Fleur de Jong
Image: John van Helvert

Think big

“I grew up in Zeewolde. My mother used to be employed by an insurer. At one point she started an insurance agency from home. Four years later, a real estate agency was added. I started there in 2001, at the age of seventeen: placing signs, taking photos, scanning construction drawings, arranging policies... The company was sold in 2006, partly because I did not have the intention or the financial capabilities to take over. I did an internship with several real estate agents and, among other things, did rentals in Spain. Until the crisis broke out, which was especially felt there, and I decided to return to the Netherlands. Over the years I had built up a nice foundation, I only missed the papers. I followed a real estate agent training course and became a real estate agent-appraiser. And because the housing market was in disarray, I immediately got all my papers for the Wft (Financial Supervision Act; ed.). This meant I was both a non-life and life insurance advisor. Because it all came easy to me, I also completed the training courses for a mortgage advisor and a recognized mortgage advisor in one go. With all the experiences and knowledge I now had, I thought it was time to start my own company: Financial Advice Netherlands. I always thought big, rural.”


“With Financial Advice Netherlands I mainly purchased leads that other offices did not want. These usually involved people with overdraft facilities or mail-order loans that they had once taken out. If it concerned an amount of 10.000 euros, you could easily get 40.000 euros less financed - that makes a big difference. I bundled these loans into one new loan for a term of ten years, so that the fixed monthly costs were lower. Once the financial situation was cleared, there was room to buy a home, and I then started looking for it. So first I did the financial inventory, then the purchase guidance and finally the insurance. That trilogy became my specialization. My customers were so grateful to me! From a difficult situation, they were able to afford a home through me, which also grew considerably in value in the following years. They have all become lifelong relationships. I started from home, but with two small children around me and a third on the way, it was quite difficult to operate professionally. I started renting a basement space, literally with one sliver of daylight. I soon became extremely busy and traveled all over the country.”

Brand identity

“My wife came to work for me; the basement was exchanged for a professional office; With our first employee, Sandra van Kijnenbreugel, we had someone who focused on insurance. And I mainly focused on appraisals and home sales regionally. We are now the market leader in this. In the meantime, we have been voted the best office in Flevoland twice. It became so big and so many colleagues joined that I adjusted the business strategy. With marketing agency BlackDesk I created the PRTNRS brand identity: 'We are your partner in housing and financial services.' All disciplines under one roof, that is the strength of PRTNRS. We are a one-stop-shop with real estate agents, mortgage companies, insurance companies and also Luxury INS, which offers tailor-made insurance solutions for supercars, vintage cars, art, yachts, villas and exclusive valuables. How did that come about? There are many entrepreneurs in my network and when things go well, they sometimes want to reward themselves with a nice car. I also wanted to be able to insure that. We had already decided on the name of the label and reserved space at MASTERS EXPO. As an intermediary we only lacked an appointment with a large insurer. Three days before the fair, we managed to place a Porsche Panamera in Maastricht, which I had borrowed from a friend, with an insurer of exclusive products. We entered through the back door just in time and were able to make calculations at the fair with a laptop for interested parties. That first participation immediately gave us a few great customers, including the largest car wash in the Netherlands and a car collection of almost three million. This is how Luxury INS was born. We are now authoritative: even Centraal Beheer refers customers to us.”

Customer profile

“We draw up an individual profile for each Luxury INS customer by mapping his or her assets, including, for example, real estate portfolio, jewelry and car collection, and based on this we offer tailor-made insurance solutions. That sets us apart from regular intermediaries. Based on the customer profile, we can offer excellent conditions and excellent coverage. A Lamborghini easily costs 50.000 to 600.000 euros. With us, the annual premium for such a car, with an amount between 2.500 and 3.500 euros, is relatively low. The deductible is often slightly higher, but that is not a problem for our wealthy clients. Another advantage: if you have ten cars, you only pay third party insurance with us once, because we assume that you only drive one car at a time. For example, we have insured a fleet totaling more than 8 million for an annual premium of 'only' 12.850 euros. In addition to Zeewolde, we now have branches in Harderwijk, Amersfoort and recently also in Naarden-Vesting. At the end of 2021, I took over Michiel Koudijs Makelaars and transformed it into Makelaarschap Michiel Koudijs. Luxury INS will be added to further roll out this in the Gooi. This is how I look at how I can position our labels in certain markets. We never stand still: entrepreneurship gives me energy.”


This spring issue of MASTERS celebrates the freedom regained after two years of corona. The value of this is underlined by developments in eastern Europe, where the freedom of an entire people is at stake. We live in a new reality, but we can make plans again, go out for dinner, meet people. The world is turning again! Only: which way? Time for new bridges, new initiatives. What this edition of MASTERS offers inspiration for.