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International exhibition “GREATNESS” at MASTERS SUMMER EDITION

During MASTERS SUMMER EDITION, hybrid artist YVESKE announced the international launch of ''GREAT BOOK OF GREATNESS'', ​​the world's first AI-generated art book. YVESKE is the stage name and new brainchild of media entrepreneur Yves Gijrath. The Heineken period room of De L'Europe made way for the international exhibition “GREATNESS”.


Still alive, distinctive and impactful

This 8-kilogram art book, which has been in the making for many years, was presented during a soft release last winter. The first 100 limited editions sold out in no time. Each work of art in the book reflects the characters of 191 curated individuals. Still alive and still active. Each of which, in their own way, influences the world as we know it.

In recent decades, Gijrath has devised countless media concepts such as MASTERS, Miljonair, JFK, Jackie, Green.2, MASTERS EXPO, Miljonair Fair and LXRY. He organized his fairs all over the world. Gijrath struggled for years with the idea of ​​recording his thoughts and experiences in a traditional art form. With the help of an AI algorithm, he ultimately portrayed 191 “game changers” worldwide that have influenced our lives. The choice of the people portrayed was made based on his personal perception and experiences: “I went looking for the people who determine and color the world. Still alive, distinctive and impactful.

The world's first AI-generated art book

“It is the first AI-generated art book in the world,” says creator Yves Gijrath. The result is a big-size art book in which 191 individuals curated by Gijrath are captured in 200 art stories.

The question Gijrath asked himself: “Can one person change the world?” The result is a tribute to visionaries, innovators and leaders who are shaping this world, such as Elon Musk, Frank Gehry, Miuccia Prada, LeBron James, Marina Abramovic and Taylor Swift. Marcel Boekhoorn, Anton Corbijn, John de Mol, Max Verstappen, Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and Louis van Gaal are the Dutch people who received a place in the book. The hybrid art is a combination of traditional artistic techniques and the infinite possibilities of AI.

International exhibition “GREATNESS”

The international exhibition “GREATNESS” showed the art book and related works of art during MASTERS SUMMER EDITION in Amsterdam.

Dutch entrepreneur and billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn received the first copy of GREAT BOOK OF GREATNESS: “I was honored to be included in the book and was overwhelmed when I saw my artwork. It wouldn't look out of place in the Guggenheim Museum.”

200 unique art stories

YVESKE developed 200 art stories that together form GREAT BOOK OF GREATNESS. “The possibilities of AI are a dream for me and I can combine them with traditional art techniques,” says Yves Gijrath. “Our goal was to annotate the achievements of these individuals in a never-before-seen art form. We've created a visual tribute that is both innovative and timeless. Due to the positive release and enthusiastic responses we received, we are now ready for the international rollout of the entire YVESKE project, through the exhibition “GREATNESS”. This includes the Limited Edition of GREAT BOOK OF GREATNESS and framed works.”

GREAT BOOK OF GREATNESS aims to inspire worldwide, celebrating human potential and the possibilities of artistic expression. “We are proud to be the first in the world with this hybrid art project,” said Gijrath.