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MASTERS Member of the week: Nike Boor

Nike Boor is the director of the Disabled Sports Fund. He believes that disability sports should be self-evident for people in the Netherlands. The Disabled Sports Fund provides information, raises funds and realizes sports activities at local and national level for disabled people. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Big Blue

Disabled Sports Fund

The Disabled Sports Fund has been making sports activities for disabled people possible in the Netherlands for 45 years. By providing information, they make it clear to the target group, Dutch people in general and the business community what is possible in the field of sports for the disabled. Raising funds such as sponsorship, collections and donors is of great importance to the Fund. “We are actually a kind of real estate agent. We provide information, raise funds and outsource it. Others do the activities for us. We ensure that the association can carry out activities and we finance this. In the past, the focus was mainly on the private market, but nowadays we also interest the business community in sports for the disabled. We have various concepts for private individuals that make donating possible. From the simple donation with the giro collection form to tap payments. Private individuals with a large budget can reserve amounts for a specific theme in the so-called Sports Funds, for example for sports equipment. We ensure that the money is spent on that theme and that that person can see exactly where his/her money is going,” says Nike Boor.


Nike has been working at the Disabled Sports Fund for over 14 years. “I have a financial background and have always been very interested in sports. I also wanted to work in the sports industry. Through an acquaintance I ended up at the Disabled Sports Fund. We can make change for people with disabilities. Exercising makes you healthier and therefore stronger both physically and mentally. This creates more opportunities in daily life and that is something very beautiful that I contribute to. There are many charities, but we really create opportunities. The great thing about this profession is that it offers perspective to people with disabilities.”


Nike is a member of the MASTERS League. “I have been present at several League events. Sailing on the Amstel was crazy. We sailed through Amsterdam with several sloops. There was a large group of people and it was excellent for the network. As a charity it is often difficult to network because people think I am there to recruit. I don't see it that way, because for me it's mainly about getting to know each other and having a nice conversation. We were able to make ourselves known among the MASTERS target group and then you would be noticed by the members of MASTERS.”

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