MASTERS Member of the week: Jasper Sigon

A unique MASTERS Member is highlighted every week. A MASTERS Member is a member of MASTERS League. Jasper Sigon is the Co-founder of Voyages & Journey. He devises tailor-made travel concepts for the higher segment and implements them from A to Z. His goal? To let people discover the exceptional planet and create eternal memories. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Voyages & Journeys

Voyages & Journeys

At the end of 2018, Jasper and his partner launched the exclusive travel agency Voyages & Journeys. Aimed at the higher segment, he creates the most beautiful and exclusive tailor-made trips. He lets people discover the world in a sustainable and responsible way. Everything is arranged from A to Z: from a special safari in South Africa to heli-skiing in Greenland, nothing is too crazy for them. “When a customer approaches us, I first build a relationship of trust. I create three concepts based on all the ideas and wishes that the customer has indicated in advance. I present these concepts to the customer and one concept emerges. Then our strength comes to the fore: my partner and I can also travel with the customer(s),” says Jasper. Unlike regular travel agencies, Voyages & Journeys does not stop after devising and planning the trip, because Jasper and his partner continue to achieve the best results.

Best of the Best

Over the years, Voyages & Journeys has had the opportunity to work closely with conservationists, biologists and naturalists. This allowed for the exploration of the most undiscovered and ecologically diverse destinations around the world. On every trip, attention is paid to the smallest details to provide a unique perspective on biodiversity, wildlife, culture and traditions.


“I joined the MASTERS League at the beginning of 2021. I have been visiting MASTERS EXPO since 2017. A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to join the League because the entire concept, the appearance and the accessibility really appeal to me. I had been looking to join something similar for a while. I find it particularly interesting to share my drive with other people and entrepreneurs.”

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