MASTERS Member of the week: Michel Tszfaldet

A unique MASTERS Member is highlighted every week. A MASTERS Member is a member of MASTERS League. Michel Tszfaldet has been the owner of the ICT company Tekle since 2018. Where Tekle previously served as a value added reseller, the company is now entering the promising world of hologram techniques. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Michel Tszfaldet

Join hands

Tekle knows its origins as ICT value-added reseller. The company grew, and the business expanded consultancy services and security solutions. Now it's time for the next step. “I am the founder and CEO of Tekle. I started that because I have been in that market for 15 years. As an employee, I worked my way up to export manager and at one point I decided to set up my own company. February 2020 I was in Monaco and I visited the manufacturer there holographic products against the body. Ultimately, I ensured that I was the only one in Europe allowed to sell his products and so we have been the holographic party in Europe since March. This means: we sell products and software with which you can develop and deploy holographics. Holographics are images that move and that you can walk through, just like in the Star Trek or Star Wars films. We mainly sell our service to defense and large production companies, but also to cities, construction companies and the entertainment industry. Our latest solution is aimed at the medical sector,” says Michel.

Something new

“Tekle is located in the Netherlands and Germany. In the Netherlands we already do a lot with holographics and from the third quarter of this year we will expand further into Germany and France.”


“I just joined the League. I used to often go to the MASTERS fairs, so this membership really appealed to me. I also sometimes go to trade fairs to network, such as in Monaco and Shanghai.”

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