MASTERS Member of the Week: Hans Luiken

MASTERS Member Hans Luiken took over his father's paint factory in 1989 and established the creative design agency there in 2004. Dofine van Hans and his team create the most special wall, floor and furniture finishes in the higher segment of the interior design world.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Peter Baas


Under the leadership of Hans, the paint factory which he inherited from his father became bigger and bigger. In addition to paint, the demand for other decorative wall finishes increased, causing him to shift his focus: 'Over the years, Dofine has transformed into a creative company, which you could actually call more of an interior & architectural brand. In the design studio new products are designed and developed. We try to be an extension of the architect when it comes to translating their ideas and concepts into finishes. Dofine is located in the higher segment of the interior design world and therefore works together with well-known Dutch (interior) designers, architects and suppliers from Europe. We can assist architects with interior designs. We also do the total design of hotels and restaurants ourselves. Our specialization is decorative finishing. We know a lot about color, design and texture, but that is constantly expanding, such as 3D printing', says Hans.

Entrepreneurial tip

“Make sure you have the entrepreneur remains and that you are not too affected by others. Keep doing things you enjoy and make sure you can live up to the expectations of others. Surround yourself with young people. They have many new insights and I think that is really fantastic.”


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