For more than 20 years, MASTERS HQ has been leading the way in exhibitions, events and media productions in the field of luxury, exclusivity, business and craftsmanship in the Netherlands and beyond. As a multichannel company, MASTERS HQ is the driving force behind the exclusive business fair MASTERS EXPO, MASTERS Magazine, the annual style bible LXRY LIST and MASTERS COMPANY 300.

In addition, MASTERS HQ organises golf event MEXPO. In addition to the successful podcast platform DE KAPITEINENLIJN, MASTERS HQ devises and produces online concepts, content formats, video content and television programmes for third parties.

Exclusive and authentic

MASTERS HQ brings together entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, owners, influencers, thought leaders, politicians and buyers. To inspire, excite, motivate and, of course, let you enjoy the good things in life.


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