In MASTERS GALLERY there are only creative and prominent masters that you can admire. Sustainable designer Marjan van Aubel is only 35 years old, but is already achieving many successes with her creative and inspiring designs. Marjan 'highlights' three masterpieces that show her love for sustainability and she also presents her latest work. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Mark Cocksedge, V8 Architects, Pim Top


“This is a collaboration with Swarovski. This work, where crystal is used to focus light on a solar cell, is a good example of how efficiency and aesthetics go well together. The Swarovski crystal not only makes the solar panels more beautiful, but also more efficient. The Solar crystal is also mobile. It is possible to take it with you, place it in the light and hang it in the docking station in the evening so that the lights turn on. The energy is stored locally and does not require an entire installation. You are, as it were, taking the light energy from outside inside. Solar panel energy has never been thought about in this way before.”

Dubai World Exhibition

“The roof of the Dutch pavilion during the World Exhibition will be a circular, energy-generating stained glass roof. The solar cells are not only circular, but also made of organic materials; something that is unique with solar panels. The roof creates the feeling that you are standing in a gigantic church with beautiful light reflections and different color schemes with graphic Moiré effects. The panels are made of PET and are lightweight, which makes transport easier. After the Expo, the roof will be given a second life, making the roof modular and easy to take apart.”


“Sunne is my latest work! This is a lamp that you can hang in front of the window. There are solar panels attached to the window side and a lamp on the inside, so you will always get light from the window. The lamp captures light energy, stores it in a battery and in the evening you can choose from three settings: sunrise, sunlight and sunset - all of which provide natural light. It is the first product in a new series to provide objects with solar panels.”