Mares is launched at MASTERS EXPO: in conversation with Stig Gothelf from 3XN Architects

A unique scoop at MASTERS EXPO: during The Exclusive Preview Day, the majestic Mares will be launched in hall 10 at stand number 1530. Luxury living by the sea in The Hague. MASTERS already provides a magical glimpse of the veil.

The architect behind this special project is Stig Gothelf from the world-famous architectural firm 3XN from Copenhagen. The magazine, which is launched together with the project, contains an exclusive interview. MASTERS EXPO can already share some highlights…

In the interview, Stig Gothelf, senior partner at 3XN Architects from Copenhagen, talks about the design of the iconic residential building called Mares. The building is located amidst dunes, sea, harbor and city, and was designed with inspiration from the natural elements of the environment. The round shapes of the terraces and the 'industrial base' of the building reflect the transition from soft natural elements to the ruggedness of the port. The building was designed with the comfort of residents as a central starting point, with sheltered balconies, large windows and an inner garden. The connection with the maritime character of the location can be seen in the design, which is reminiscent of a luxury yacht. Stig hopes that in ten years the sustainable building will have aged well, blend in harmoniously with its surroundings, and have lively balconies on top of a base with various activities.

Curious about the entire interview? Come pick up an atmospheric brochure at the Mares stand at stand 1530 in hall 10.

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