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Born in Rotterdam Marcel von Rotz is Senior Sales Manager at Regent Seven Seas Cruises of Northern Europe, Benelux, Russia and Africa: “The cruise line focuses on the top segment: the experience of a boutique hotel, but at sea.” And of course the necessary measures are taken to ensure everyone's health... Are you reading along? Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer
Online editing: Mical Joseph
Image: John van Helvert

The maas

“I was born in Rotterdam South. My mother was crazy about water. We often went for walks along the Maas. My grandfather had a boat and took me out on a regular basis. I have always had a thing for water and sailing. At some point I ended up in tourism - city trips, youth trips, long-distance trips... After a few years I wanted to focus more on a specialist travel activity. I saw an advertisement for a cruise specialist. I knew nothing about cruising, but I had an affinity with sailing. That's how I ended up at the market leader in cruises in 1992. It was located on the Maas, with a view of the cruise terminal. I was there for almost twenty-five years. It sounds long, but every two or three years I had a different job. I have sat in every seat within that company, from salesperson and product manager to commercial director and ultimately managing director. Then you get to a point where you wonder: am I going to do the same thing for another twenty years? I left and at some point was approached by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. I have been working there for over four years now, and I really enjoy it.”


“Cruising has its origins in Transatlantic sailings, the transport of immigrants to the US. When that was overtaken by aviation, the ships were used for pleasure cruising. From that moment on you saw an enormous development: new ships were built that on the one hand became larger and more spectacular, but on the other hand also smaller-scale and more comfortable. Regent focuses on the top segment: people who want to tour at a high level. Our ships have the maximum number of stars and are small in scale. This means: medium-sized ships with all the facilities that large ships have, only with far fewer guests. You could fit 2.000 to 2.500 on it, but we have a maximum of 750 guests.”

Never crowds, never waiting in line. The experience of a boutique hotel, but at sea. If you want a quiet evening, sit in the Observation Lounge with a good glass of wine and piano music in the background. Do you prefer to have fun? Then you can go to a lecture, theater show or live music performance. Regent now has five ships. Seven Seas Explorer was launched in 2016 as the world's most luxurious cruise ship. Our newest ship, Seven Seas Splendor, in service since last February, perfects this luxury. On board you will find more than five hundred crystal chandeliers, more than 4.200 square meters of Italian marble and an art collection worth approximately 5 million dollars. There are even original Picassos and Mirós among them. With 450 destinations on offer, the cruises range from idyllic French Polynesia to wild adventures in Alaska. Many think that such a high-end cruise is very formal, but our dress code is the same every evening: elegant casual. Well dressed, but informal. It's luxurious, but in a way down to earth way. No one feels better than the other.”

Chocolate letters

“Everyone on board has a balcony suite, ranging in size from 28 to 413 square meters. That is a different experience than on large-scale ships. Another difference is that with us everything is included: restaurants, all drinks, yoga classes, tips, Wi-Fi... You only need your wallet for the casino and maybe a massage in the spa. Even the excursions are included – that's what makes us unique. With us you can choose from six to ten small-scale unique experiences on land in every port. Regent also distinguishes itself in service: on large ships you have two staff members for every five guests, with us it is two out of three. This means that we have much more time for our guests. At Masters of LXRY I met a couple who had recently sailed with us. The lady said she was in tears when she had to say goodbye to the staff. The gentleman had a story that even surprised me: After finishing the main course in one of the specialty restaurants, he ordered coffee. While he waited, he felt a hand on his shoulder: 'Sir, here is your dessert', said a steward. To which the gentleman stammered: 'But I ordered nothing…' A plate was then placed in front of him with 'Nothing' written on it in elegant chocolate letters. Many people have no idea or the wrong idea about cruising. It is so beautiful! It is my mission to spread that. When people come back, they always say two things to me: 'you were right' and 'I wish I had done this sooner'.”

Enhanced health and safety protocols

Before suspending cruise voyages, the Company had begun developing a comprehensive and multi-faceted strategy to enhance its already strict health and safety protocols to address the unique public health challenges of COVID-19, including enhanced screening, enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols and social distancing plans. A number of these protocols were put in place before travel was suspended.

The company consults Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and an experienced public health and medical policy expert, as an advisor to provide independent public health advice as we develop the next level of health and safety standards. in preparation for the resumption of travel. The Company will continue to work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and other federal agencies, public health authorities, and state and local governments in areas where it operates to take all necessary measures to ensure health, safety and security of guests, crew and the communities visited once it resumes operations.