MASTERS EXPO exhibitor Rep Ringel Art in MASTERS Gallery

Creatives are given a stage in MASTERS GALLERY where 3 masterpieces from their repertoire are shown. The works they have chosen themselves intrigue, move, inspire... This week artist Rep Ringel. With his Rep Ringel Art, the talent creates art driven by music. Text: Mical Joseph
Image: Rep. Ringel

All I Have Not Seen

“When I start a painting I have no idea in advance what I am going to make. It all starts with playing a carefully curated playlist with inspirational music that is supplemented with new songs almost daily. With a cup of espresso in hand and the volume turned up to ten, I get into a certain mood... I choose from a few tracks by an artist that touches me at that moment and get to work with them. This time, and not the first time, it was Olga Wojciechowska, a Polish multi-instrumentalist/composer who led me to this painting. Listening to the track All I Have Not Seen in a loop, I have determined the colors and I am the many layers in the music; start painting the different instruments, the frequencies and the emotion. In this painting I have incorporated elements of 24K Gold which subtly provide an even richer feeling. For me, this large canvas (300x150cm) is an abstract canvas, painted in a kind of trance. I like it when you can dream away and get lost in a painting: discover something new every time, experience a new journey every time…”

Waiting On A Friend

“I made this painting for a very good friend of mine. One Sunday morning he called me with the news that his father had died that night. I immediately drove to him and asked him if there was anything I could do for him. "Maybe you can help me make a nice card," he said. "Do you have a certain song in your head when you think of your father?" I asked him. 'Yes I have Waiting On A Friend of the Stones. All my life I have waited for good contact with my father and we only became close in recent years... now he has passed away.' Waiting On A Friend So. I drove home, put the Stones on repeat and started painting. Frame it, seal it and photograph the painting. I made the funeral card from this image. It was a very special funeral somewhere in the middle of nature. The memorial service was held in an old atmospheric barn. This painting was behind the coffin and now it hangs on my friend's wall. A special painting for me.”

Point Of Departure

“It is always a challenge to create great work. A large blank canvas must be filled with an image of which you initially do not know how it will form. The music determines. It is a labor-intensive process in which layer after layer the painting slowly takes shape. This large canvas measuring 300x200cm was Ryan Teague's track Point Of Departure this time my guide. This instrumental electronic, ambient song also has something jazzy. It starts quietly, almost transparently, after which it changes into a downtempo track on which a soprano sax makes its way to a subdued climax and then fades away again in the tranquil transparency. I have tried to capture this emotion in this work. The structures and the 24K gold used in the painting are actually only clearly visible when the painting is experienced 'in real life'. The (sun)light then plays with these structures, draws shadows and adds depth. The gold elements provide a subtle warm reflection of the light. Point Of Departure For me it is a showpiece that I am proud of.”

Visit Rep Ringel at MASTERS EXPO. From November 18 to 22 in RAI Amsterdam: MASTERS EXPO – The Forward Edition. Ticket sales start this month.