Creatives are given a stage in MASTERS GALLERY where three masterpieces from their repertoire are shown. The works they have chosen themselves intrigue, move, inspire... Meet Paula Evers. An artist who is guided by her strong intuition and puts her emotion on the canvas. Text: Mical Joseph
Image: Paula Evers


“As an intuitive artist, I am guided by my emotions. These three works illustrate different stages within my artistic career, but at the same time also revolutions in my life and thoughts. At the beginning of my artistic career, I found figuration to be my best form of expression. Without realizing it, I visualized different relationships, situations, people, which helped me process things better, although unconsciously (see Composition with green).”


“I gradually noticed that I didn't have to stick to figuration to get satisfaction from the creative process. I started experimenting with materials. By chance I came into contact with epoxy, a fascinating material that works in combination with paint. I started by creating abstract works, but because I treated them with epoxy, I only partly had control over the end result. In this I saw, and still see, a metaphor of life, in which you can only be in control to a certain extent.. "

Jackson Pollock as inspiration

“Over the years, I have become more confident as an artist. When I visited the MoMA in New York years ago, I was moved by the great work of Jackson Pollock. It inspired me enormously, but I was too insecure to do anything with it. Recently I took the plunge and took the inspiration of Jackson Pollock's work as a starting point for my new works, with Energy 3 as result."