“With my paintings I try to convey the essence of how I view 'my world'. I usually paint large oil portraits using different materials that enhance my story. Actually, I am a storyteller with paint.” Artist Jacqueline de Vries (JAC) is inspired in her gallery and studio in Bussum by different facets of life, she likes to work on themes that touch her. In The Gallery she discusses three works from her oeuvre.Online editor: Mical Joseph
Image: Jacqueline de Vries

The Naked Truth | Series: Open and Bare

“This work is about how the news determines our lives now. It feels 'naked' and also vulnerable to become familiar with the new 'now'. All the layers that were so familiar to me have suddenly disappeared. We are increasingly literally 'in' the news. The outside world enters us every moment of the day. We are never actually alone in that sense, but it increasingly feels that way to me. Nowadays we can almost only communicate with each other via our telephone, television or computer. I do it too, my phone has almost become an extension of my arm. In my painting I have left a section unprepared at the bottom: space not to forget that we must continue to enjoy the peace, space and each other…”

NOIX | Series: Ubuntu

“Ubuntu is the South African wisdom that we are all connected. In short, it means: 'we' is more than 'I'. For this series I went on a journey with my brushes. The focus of this trip was on so many beautiful people living together in one world. During this trip I have immersed myself in cultures and people all over the world. We may all seem different, but I have also discovered that there are so many more similarities between people and cultures than we think and that we can learn a lot from each other's strengths.

NOIX is painted over walnut wood and accentuates the power of this African wise woman. In Africa, the older woman is valued for her wisdom and remains the center of family life. Something I miss in Western culture, where we too often allow aging people to become isolated with all their wisdom in life.”

My Hidden Kingdom | Series: Rusty On

“ROUSTG ON is about the hectic nature of our lives. Life passes us by quickly. We often look ahead to what is to come, rather than enjoying what is now. In this series, where the color rust plays a leading role, I have My Hidden Kingdom made.

This painting is about the visible and invisible things that shape our lives. Sometimes 'things' go well, other times not at all. But it is also about thinking in terms of possibilities and finding solutions, about swimming against the current or sometimes blowing with the wind. In addition, also about enjoying victories and having expectations, but also processing disappointments and sadness. In short: it is about everything that makes us unique, even if it is not always visible. There is often more than our eyes can see.”

Jacqueline de Vries | JAC