Aziz Bekkaoui is a renowned fashion designer, artist and guest curator. His creations are adored worldwide, with his studio in the heart of Amsterdam as the epic center. In MASTERS GALLERY three of his projects that inspire, intrigue and move. Text: Mical Joseph
Image header: Jeroen Snijders

Paris Moi

“The dream of Paris as a cultural icon. The haute couture collection Paris Moi refers to the nostalgic Paris of the 50s and was presented in the Cobra Museum. Paris Moi is a performance of mine where artists, dancers, performance artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, comedians, models, make-up artists, singers and enthusiasts meet. A magical, multidisciplinary world where live work and new ideas are created. Ideas that inspire and excite us. Chacun is an artiste. Everyone is an artist.”Photographer: Jeroen Snijders

Peace Sign Here: X

“I presented my couture collection and live performance installation in the Dom Church in Utrecht Peace sign here:. Peace is there if everyone wants it. In the performance Peace sign here: every participant - regardless of social functions and positions - was literally and figuratively involved in a joint peace ritual. The guests, including King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, members of the cabinet, the Dutch Bach Society and other prominent figures, actually became a shield and sign of peace in the ceremony.”Photographer: Jeroen Snijders

On the back of Zeus

“On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, I presented the performance/fashion show in the Ridderzaal On the back of Zeus. A dazzling parade with which I depicted the past, present and future of Europe. A spectacular performance in which fashion, design, image and sound merged. In On the back of Zeus I tell the story of Zeus in love who kidnaps Princess Europa in the form of a bull. I used iconographic representations of historical events that appeal to our collective European memory. The performance was attended by the then Queen Beatrix, the entire cabinet and government representatives from all EU countries.”Photographer: Hans Kouwenhoven