The work of Alisa Lim A Po can be viewed as a journey through the world. Wherever the artist goes, new experiences and images are gained that are expressed in her work. Work that is constantly evolving, enriching and surprising. Lim A Po translates her personal emotions and events into a general platform where issues about human behavior and emotions come together in research into the boundary between abstract and reality. This week Alisa's work hangs in The Gallery. A place where a number of masterpieces from her repertoire are highlighted that move, inspire and intrigue.Online editor: Mical Joseph
Image: Milan Kaine and Dik Nicolai

Crowded by Nature

“As my first fully three-dimensional work, Crowded by Nature is a representative of the development in my work. The semi-realistic representation has made way for an abstract translation and my search for more volume becomes essential here. It is a work where layering and structure have taken an extreme form. It's kind of a hybrid; a three-dimensional object has been created from a multitude of paintings. A painting with a spatial and complex layering. It's exactly that layering I was looking for. It is busy, teeming and teeming, growing and alive. Delicious. Just like life.”

What a Wonderful World | * See work in the header

“What a Wonderful is not only my largest and most complex work, but also one of my most cherished works. After my father passed away in 2016, I traveled to various places, from Paris to Suriname, from Portugal to New York. I translate the impressions gained and emotions experienced, the different decors and the beauty of nature into the Elements series. Including this diptych What a Wonderful World, a landscape where dreams and memories come together. An impression, a panorama of clouds, flower fields, hills, translates into an abstract interplay of color and shape.”

Alloy of Elements

“The modular installation Alloy of Elements consists of a multitude of three-dimensional elements, where unity in 'form-colour' plays a central role. The modular character gives the viewer an exceptional role to select and arrange the works at their own discretion. It is a special process in which I literally and figuratively hand over my work. It is precisely this interplay that creates space for new feelings and insights.”


“During the past (corona) months, I have locked myself in my studio in Heemstede. I embrace these difficult times and work on a new collection with complete freedom. I see it as a time for contemplation, reflection and deepening, where understanding and recognizing the thoughts becomes even more important for my work. I have made my feelings and memories the subject of reflection. In the new work I put the color black central. But, these are not austere works that represent the tough times of today. I mean exactly the opposite. The new works have a tranquil, soft beauty and are of an optimistic nature. They embrace. They take you with them. Traveling. In the here and now, to then and there.”

Alisa's new collection will be launched this summer.