Lucas Thorik, artist

He paints by feeling, builds his works from multiple layers and lets the up's & down's of his own emotion flows into his creations. From today, self-taught artist Lucas Thorik can be admired with his characteristic works in MASTERS Gallery. Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Lucas Thorik

Good Company

“This is the first work I named my current series after: Series Pink Punk. A whole range of previous works are hidden in this painting. I am a big fan of vintage design, and I give my works a lot of character. My work is made up of several layers, each with a small color nuance. My works of art contain all emotions and associated ones ups and downs processes that are part of life.”

Sunday Light

“My work is all about emotion. As a certified chaotic person with a great urge for stability and balance, each painting is created from my own personal basis. In general, the start of a new work is no more than a vague idea about color, shape and an environment where I would like to see this work hang. I often consciously choose large canvases with a bright supporting color. Sunday light. One Sunday morning, while taking this photo, a pattern of sunlight spontaneously fell on the wall next to the work. This magical event made choosing a name for this work very easy. The white is partly applied with lime. This lime, in combination with the harder pink acrylic, creates a matte contrast.”

Another Sunday Tribute

"Another Sunday tribute. The name again comes from photographing my works on a Sunday. The structure of the work is in line with previous paintings, but Another Sunday tribute only acrylic on linen is used. You will not easily find a political statement or a traceable image in my work. I am open to what others see in my creations. My goal? Creating art in which balance and abstraction are visible…”

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