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Lexus' vision of an electric future

Tens of thousands of visitors to The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​had the opportunity to see Lexus' vision for a future all-electric high-performance sports car with the Lexus Electrified Sport. At the same time, the European public debut of the new Lexus RZ 450e took place. Both cars attracted a lot of attention…

The Lexus Electrified Sport concept was shown outside Japan for the first time. The European audience of The Goodwood Festival of Speed was able to admire the car during the four-day event in southern England. A film was even specially made showing the unboxing of the car.

With its bold design, the concept symbolizes the future of the Lexus brand. The acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour is expected to be just over two seconds, the range of the sports car will be more than 700 kilometers; a trip to Paris should be easy... A new one may be available for the production model solid state battery technology is used to make this particularly high performance possible.

The new Lexus will be part of a full range Battery Electric Vehicles which Lexus will launch in the run-up to 2030 under the brand vision Lexus Electrified. With this, Lexus wants to fully utilize the potential of electrification, in addition to further reducing CO2emissions also increase driving pleasure for all customers.

Lexus RZ450e

The European public debut of the new Lexus RZ 450e took place simultaneously during the four-day event and is precisely in line with the brand's electrification. The RZ 450e is the first Lexus model that from scratch has been developed as a Battery Electric Vehicle. Designed according to the Lexus Driving Signature philosophy where driving pleasure and refinement go hand in hand.

A world premiere and one of the technical highlights of the Lexus RZ 450e is One Motion Grip steer by wire. This steering system works completely electronically; there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels, which translates into immediate responses to steering inputs and maximum precision. Due to the absence of the mechanical connection, the driver also experiences fewer reactions in the steering wheel when driving over poor road surfaces. The system makes the car more stable in straight lines and in curves. In terms of appearance, the new model stands out for its spacious and inviting interior.

Louwman Exclusive

Louwman Exclusive is the address in the Netherlands for exclusive cars and is located in Utrecht, directly on the A2. The company is part of the Louwman Group, has a genuine passion for cars and, with its range of special brands, targets idiosyncratic personalities who dare to stick their heads above the parapet. Louwman Exclusive is an official partner of Bentley, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, McLaren, Morgan, Automobili Pininfarina and TVR.


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