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It's Monday again and that means another brand new successful startup is taking the stage The Only Way Is Up. This week speaks M with the founders of the startup founded in 2020 De Lokalist, where products from more than 100 local farmers and artisans are sold in a socially responsible manner.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: De Lokalist It is no secret that local entrepreneurs have had a hard time recently. They are carefully recovering from a difficult period and there is light at the end of the tunnel. But great new initiatives are also emerging and successful startups are being launched on the market. The Lokalist is one of them. Richard Nederlof and Paul van Straaten founded this online supermarket in 2020, with which your groceries from local farmers and artisans are delivered to your home in one go. MASTERS spoke to the founders.

Started from the bottom and still we're…

“De Lokalist is on the eve of the next phase, in which several distribution locations will be opened throughout the Netherlands. From there, for example, the entrecôte from the best regional butcher, the oysters from the local fish specialist and the baguette from that old-fashioned baker are delivered to your home in one go. In other words, we already deliver all products from our affiliated farmers and craftsmen throughout the Netherlands, but our goal is to connect as many relevant entrepreneurs as possible throughout the Netherlands."

Best tip you've had?

“Do something that is (partly) different from what others do with the right people in the right chair and with the right meters in front of you. Be sure to take a chair once a month and literally and figuratively sit in front of your own company and see what happens. Talk to your customers a lot, especially if you don't actually have time for it. And listen carefully to tips from other experienced entrepreneurs, take what you think is applicable and make your own plan; that makes entrepreneurship so much fun!'' Photo: De Lokalist

Why do you think De Lokalist is so successful?

''Because with us, as a demanding consumer, you can really choose what you really like. We do not have a category manager who determines which croissant or which filet americain will be included in the range. Due to corona, there are quite a few local initiatives, but we are the only one where you can choose the products of your own taste and quality from complete ranges of more than 100 local retailers and farmers, and deliver them throughout the Netherlands in one delivery. Or you can do your weekly shopping with us in a socially responsible manner from authentic local entrepreneurs and directly from the farmer in one order. Upon delivery, in addition to the deposit bottles, our driver also takes the empty glass jars and drinks bottles with him so that you do not have to visit the bottle bank. You can also put empty batteries in our recycling bag."

What would you do with 1 million?

''Investing in our growth; people, marketing and resources.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"By then, thousands of local retailers and farmers will have joined us, so that consumers and organizations throughout the Netherlands can order sustainably online and, together with all small entrepreneurs, we can counterbalance the large (online) supermarkets."

Would you also like to support local farmers and craftsmen? Then add your groceries The Localist!

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Photo: De Lokalist