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Long weekend? It's a good place to be here

With an extra long weekend ahead of you, it might be a good idea to go out. Need inspiration? MASTERS lists a number of opulent 'beds and bites addresses' that are distinguished by comfort, location and grandeur.

Hotel for the hip and wealthy

There are plenty of famous hotel chains in London, but try finding something small and intimate. We found it: The Twenty Two, in the middle of Mayfair, on the chic Grosvenor Square. That facade alone! It is an initiative of Navid Mirtorabi. Google him and you will see the epitome of the glamorous life of the hip rich of the earth with shiny cars, private jets and long-legged girlfriends. Navid wants young people in particular to come to The Twenty Two. “Although the elderly are of course also more than welcome, just not as the dominant target group.” The staff is terribly young, the toilets are gender neutral, none doormen at the entrance, no white gloves. Welcome ripped jeans (preferably from a brand, of course). There are 31 rooms that have a rather Parisian feel (wild wallpaper that continues across the ceiling, velvet, tassels and fringes, comparable to Hôtel Costes), but are equipped with all the seriously luxurious comforts that entails. Although the entry-level models are small. So if you want to be able to move, better choose one of the suites. In principle it is a members' club, membership costs about eight hundred euros per year, but then you get a discount on the room rate. Without membership you pay full price. The restaurant is fantastic, great food without fuss.

Santorini white

A contemporary cube-shaped hotel perched atop a basalt cliff on the Portuguese island of São Miguel, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With its fresh, white interiors and its spacious terrace with panoramic infinity pool, White Exclusive Suites & Villas is reminiscent of Santorini. Yet this is clearly the Azores. The interior of the suites is inspired by the sea, including driftwood furniture and wall decorations and tapestries that reflect the sea theme. Even inside, nature controls the rhythm and time passes. Tip: the Ocean Suites on the first floor have the best view.

Photo: Francisco Nogueira

Red like the soles

Jewelry brand Bulgari has hotels, just like Fendi, Armani, Versace and several other fashion brands. Now Christian Louboutin has been added, the extravagant designer who created the well healed provided with footwear. He chose the relatively undeveloped Portuguese town of Melides as a location for his hotel Vermelho (Portuguese for 'red'). is nothing to Louboutin, whose motto 'More is More and Less is a Bore' is. Everything is handmade and specially designed and made for the hotel, not only the furniture but also the gate-like wooden doors with enamelled inlays and the shiny gold-colored sinks in the bathrooms. Of course the man was involved in everything - and will continue to do so, because he lives nearby and also has his studio there. “I keep walking in,” he promises, not least to have breakfast, lunch or dinner there (local dishes with a twist).

On the edge of the world

Ilimanaq in Greenland was once a whale hunting settlement, now it is a mix of tourism, sustainability and cultural heritage. Less than fifty people, mainly Inuit, live in this place isolated from the world. Most of them, like their ancestors, live from fishing. And for several years now also tourism. Because a restaurant has been built (the chefs of Koks restaurant in the Faroe Islands will cook there until the summer of 2024: this most remote star restaurant in the world is currently undergoing a major renovation) and fifteen houses have been built under the name Ilimanaq Lodge, which are rented to tourists. The houses, which are supplied with electricity and hot water by solar panels, are clean and sleek, with triangles and equal surfaces. The wall-sized windows provide a wonderful view of the sea from the living room and bedroom. A beautiful place to gaze at the horizon and spot whales. The perfect place for reflection, to relax and to get a breath of fresh air.

Photo: John van Helvert