Land of Giants

Electricity pylons are a blemish on any beautiful landscape. The American architectural firm Choi+Shine came up with a more cheerful shape for these masts in Iceland, namely those of enormous giants, and appropriately named the project Land of Giants™.Online editor: Mical Joseph

Subservient giants

“Just like the statues on Easter Island, these giants radiate authority. They belong to the landscape and serve people by silently transporting electricity through the land, day and night, sun or snow.” Different expressions can be achieved through small changes in the position of hands and head in relation to the body. When they walk up a mountain, they seem to be climbing. And when they approach a village, they kneel respectfully with their heads bowed. These giants bring life to the landscape and are therefore much more than functional buildings. Land of Giants™ won the Unbuilt Design Award from the Boston Society of Architects.
Choishine.comphoto credit: © 2008-2015 Choi+Shine Architects


The annual LXRY List 2022 booklet takes a look into the distance, where new opportunities dawn. Doing business with a view to a better world. Rewilding Europe is committed to saving lost animal species by making room for truly wild nature. And De Apostelhoeve is taking advantage of the warming by growing wine on the Limburg hills and gaining international recognition for it. In addition to these budding economies, attention is also paid to sustainable initiatives. Such as the new Tank Must from Cartier, a watch that runs on solar energy. And a lamp against light pollution. But the list also includes an over-the-top hotel stay in Versailles Palace. Après nous, le déluge? No, but there should also be room to enjoy and experience in the new world.