YouTube phenomenon launches company

Jordi van den Bussche, aka YouTuber Kwebbelkop, accounts for a whopping seven billion views and 15 million subscribers on the popular media platform. At MASTERS EXPO, the Internet entrepreneur is launching his brand new company: JVDB Studios.

At 27 years old, Van den Bussche is already the biggest YouTuber known to our country. With sky-high reach figures, he is a phenomenon on the Internet and enjoys national and international fame. In addition to playing video games, he has now embarked on the entrepreneurial path. Over the past decade, he has built a team of dedicated content creators, YouTube producers and social media experts spread across the globe. Reason enough to step into the Chamber of Commerce and start a new company.

Van den Bussche: ''As content creators, we know that in today's climate, capturing the attention of the public is a challenge. However, my team and I have managed to crack the code and our numbers speak for themselves. Together, we have collected more than seven billion views on our channels. Yes, seven billion - that was the population of the entire world in 2011.''

The company's goal is to create viral content for people and businesses to be distributed around the world. How they plan to do that? They will tell you at MASTERS EXPO at the launch of JVDB Studios. It will also be revealed which other YouTube stars are affiliated with the company and what projects will be worked on.


From December 8 to 12, entrepreneurs will meet in the Amsterdam RAI, where approximately four hundred special (family) businesses from nearly twenty different industries will gather. Curious about JVDB Studios? Buy here your tickets and meet the new company at booth number 180 in hall 12.