In MASTERS Gallery this week a... Vermeer! Karin Vermeer combines abstraction with realism, using different techniques. Existing photographs are merged with images of old posters, with the aim of creating a totally new image.

Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Karin Vermeer


"Oxidation is a portrait that is composed of several female faces. I always start my work on the computer: there I combine several existing photos until a new and unique image emerges. Until then the work is still purely digital. When I am satisfied with the digital image, I have it printed on paper. I glue this onto canvas and then work on it with thick layers of gel and acrylic paint. The works have a lot of structure and therefore really come to life. With a maximum edition of 25 pieces they are all slightly different. Each piece of art is completely made by hand and is therefore very unique."


"The Skin series consists of several diptychs. I begin by creating a basic portrait. This portrait is composed of five different women's faces, each with a different ethnic identity. This can be seen on the left part of the diptych. The right half of the diptych is further worked on with an image of a rusty plate. The work is about equality, beauty and transience. Like the previous portrait, the diptychs are first created digitally, and later they are reworked with gel mediums and acrylic paint. The structure of these art pieces is just a bit more refined and they are made in a smaller edition of maximum six pieces. This series is also completely handmade, so each work is unique."

Riserva Statale Badia Prataglia 

"This series consists of very exclusive works that I started working on last year. It is a series of forest landscapes that I made from photos during one of my travels. This painting is made from a photo I took in Italy, in the nature reserve Riserva Statale Badia Prataglia. Also with these pictures I'm starting digitally and after that I'm going to work with them in the same way as the two previous works. Only this work is one step further: it's much more detailed and it's made as a one-off in the size of 180x140cm. It is now a series of four forest landscapes from Italy, but the intention is that this series becomes a kind of travelogue with structured landscapes. The thick structures give this work of art a 3D effect and it almost seems as if you can step right in.
Take a look at the website of Karin Vermeer here.

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