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Jewels made from Valentine's Day dots

Valentine's Day is fast approaching – the day you either embrace with love or face with some reservation. No inspiration for the holiday of love yet? GASSAN is happy to give you a helping hand. Keep that bouquet of roses or a chocolate bar handy this year... Happy Valentine!

According to GASSAN, Valentine's Day is for everyone, whether it is your partner, a beloved family member or your best friend. The most important thing is the pleasure you get from giving a beautiful gift. But let's be honest, Valentine's Day is also a great excuse to treat yourself. As we have come to expect, GASSAN's selected pieces combine craftsmanship with timeless elegance, making them ideal for a memorable Valentine's Day gift. How about a gold set of earrings, a radiant necklace or a jewel or watch from various high-end brands, such as Choices by DL, Gigi by GASSAN, Messika, Chopard, Cartier, GASSAN pre-owned watches and more. As said: keep that bouquet of roses or chocolate bar on hand this year.

View the Valentine's Day collection here. 

Choices by DL

The power of Choices by DL lies in the accessibility of the jewelry line, which allows the personal jewelry wardrobe – the 'jewelery wardrobe in a box' – to be mixed and matched with the chosen outfit of that moment. A simple system makes it possible to adjust the jewelry and change it in a fraction of a second. The many heart symbols in the collection make an item from Choices by DL very suitable to surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day. How brand founder Debora Huisman-Leeser sees her perfect Valentine's Day? “My ideal Valentine's Day is to enjoy each other's company, some quality time, with my husband and children.”

“My ideal Valentine's Day is to enjoy each other's company and some quality time with my husband and children”

Gigi by GASSAN

The Gigi by GASSAN collection also consists of jewelry that is ideally suited as a meaningful gift on the day of love. Love is central to the Lucky Love line and this is reflected in the designs, where 'LOVE' and the heart shape provide the romantic character of the jewelry.


GASSAN pre owned

The GASSAN pre-owned watches each carry a unique and personal story. The previous owners most likely created many beautiful moments while wearing the watch, but thought it was time to make someone else happy with the special and highly sought-after items. Time to make wonderful memories again: surprise yourself or someone special with a pre-owned…

Still not completely sure or would you like to seek advice? GASSAN is happy to receive you in one of the Boutiques in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. You can also admire the Valentine's Day collection online. Visit the website here.