A gem of a find

The discovery of the 6.225 carat Insofu emerald, at the Kagem mine in Zambia, was a pivotal moment in the history of jewelry. Chopard now proudly presents an exclusive jewelry set in tribute to the stone. Mind behind the design? A well-known American, whose talent is not limited to just the silver screen...
Insofu emerald

The discovery of the Insofu emerald is seen as a real game changer in the world of jewelry. The stone is impressive in both weight and quality. Fun fact: 'insofu' means elephant in Bemba, the language spoken in Zambia.

As an exception, Chopard acquired the emerald in its rough form, convinced of the potential of this still unprocessed and unpolished gemstone with fascinating, varying green shades and a purity of texture.

According to Caroline Scheufele, the rare gemstone deserved an extraordinary design project. The stone was examined by expert emerald cutters from India. The cutting itself took place in Chopard's Haute Joaillerie workshops in Geneva and in Jaipur, the cradle of Indian jewelry traditions.

“When Caroline told me the story of her special Insofu emerald, I was immediately captivated”

Insofu emerald

The artistic director also envisioned a collaboration to optimally express the natural beauty of the stone in a set. Julia Roberts, as a creative spirit with her great passion for jewelry, turned out to be the ideal candidate for coming up with ideas. 'When Caroline told me the story of her special Insofu emerald, I was immediately captivated. It was a great challenge to work on a design together and enjoy creating a new jewelry set. The jewelry is beautiful, durable and combines the timeless allure of emerald with beautiful colors and a stone that I cherish, turquoise. The jewelry can also be worn separately and casually with jeans," says the actress.

The Haute Joaillerie capsule collection 'Chopard x Julia Roberts' consists of a ring, necklace and earrings. Each item is made from ethically sourced rose gold. Insofu cut emeralds were used for the jewelry. The green was combined with cherry red rubellite and sky blue turquoise, Julia Roberts' favorite stone.