MASTERS together with guest editor John Heitinga made a list of his 100 favorite and unique addresses. John tells us about some of his 'must haves'. Curious which five products are on John's list? Read along.

Text: John Heitinga
Online editorship: Natasha Hendriks


"I have a thing for watches, especially OMEGA. Solid, beautiful, you can always be seen with them. The most beautiful watch I have is a special design by Rolex after the World Cup 2010, which we as players could get. On mine is my name and number, three. There is only one of those. A great reminder of one of the highlights of my career. The watch I wear the most is the OMEGA Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Black Black: black, suits me."


"I'm very much about fastidiousness. For example, I'm loyal to a sunglasses brand I discovered in Berlin: Mykita. The weight, the quality... Those are the sunglasses for me. I always have them with me."

Skins Cosmetics, Amsterdam

"At the shop in the Conservatorium Hotel I always get scented candles for home and my favourite fragrance, Bal'd Afrique, a vetiver fragrance inspired by 1920s Paris, with Neroli, African marigold and Moroccan cedar as ingredients. I think it's such a beautiful store! I always stop by there when I go to buy presents for Christmas, too."

Boretti barbecue, Amsterdam

"I can't cook very well, but I can barbecue. And a Boretti is perfect for me. Almost more than a barbecue, it's a small outdoor kitchen. Especially now, with the beautiful weather this spring, I use it a lot. With the family in the garden, Lennox playing football, Jezebel doing a cartwheel, Charlotte-Sophie playing Rixo... And in the meantime I put a nice piece of Black Angus on the coals. At the table, music playing - you're really together. That's gold."

Doppio Bike, Amsterdam

"This is my new means of transport in the city. A rugged bike, not a standard city model. I've also used it to bring around Signs for our Heroes. I cycle a lot anyway."

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