Italian Experience, bring Italy into your home

Travel to Italy It won't happen for a while, but in the meantime you can bring Italy into your home. A stone's throw from Amsterdam, in Diemen, do you think Italian Experience: a showroom full of the most beautiful and best Italian products. Here you can experience a piece of Italy, just in the Netherlands. Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: Italian Experience

Italian Experience, a piece of Italy in the Netherlands

Italian Experience is run by bon vivants Peter van Gulik and Rick Neven. The gentlemen have a preference for Italy and based on this philosophy they started the Italian showroom. In this showroom (and on the website) you will find handmade Ruffoni pans and exclusive tableware from Versace. Not only products, but also delicious delicacies such as olive oil and risotto can be found here. What should never be missed in Italy is enjoying a good bottle of wine. Italian Experience is also the right place for this.

One of their beautiful wine labels is Monteverro. This winery is located on the south coast of Tuscany. The most beautiful Italian wines are made with love and passion in this vineyard. Quality and taste have the highest priority here.

In collaboration with Azienda Guerrieri from the Marche region, the gentlemen also offer their own exclusive wine label called PAR 3 (Peter, Alberto, Rick). This collection consists of two red and two white wines. In addition, their range consists of many more beautiful wines such as Barolos from Giulia Negri, Brut from Monte Rossa, Brunello from Le Potazzine and Vino Nobile from Talosa from Montepulciano. The range is supplemented with authentic Italian pasta, artisan goat and sheep cheeses from Beltrami, truffle products, pickled vegetables in olive oil and the highest quality Italian meats.

These products are exclusively available on the website and of course in the showroom in Diemen.