In conversation with the Founders Your Destinations Real Estate

MASTERS will talk to prominent figures from the business world, including Lisette Kortland, Rachel Boschma, Mirjam de Bok, founders of Your Destinations Real Estate. “We translate everything we do to achieve the highest possible return from our own real estate portfolios to our customers.”
John van Helvert

Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer

Image: John van Helvert 

Investment properties in Spain

Lisette: “Your Destinations Real Estate is an exclusive and certified partner for selecting, purchasing, supervising and renting the most interesting investment properties in Spain. We link our customers to real estate projects that we believe are the most interesting objects from all the properties on offer, looking at the potential for value increase and good cash flow from rental income. We have the developers thoroughly checked by our lawyers. Are they financially strong enough? Can they continue to build in times of recession or are they dependent on sales? Do they offer adequate after-sales service? What do the surrounding projects do? With one of my first purchases in Ibiza, I experienced that a lot of things turned out to be wrong after delivery - hassle! We ensure that our customers do not experience this and, among other things, we put a lot of energy into the final inspection before delivery of the property.” Rachel: “Since October, it has been mandatory for real estate agents in Spain to have an API certification – comparable to the NVM papers in the Netherlands. Your Destinations is in possession of this certification and therefore complies with the new regulations that aim to protect consumers who want to buy real estate in Spain.” Lisette: “Another USP is that we have copied the strategy of how to invest in real estate in the Netherlands, the leverage effect in combination with refinancing, to Spain. We have devised structures with banks that make this possible there and know exactly which banks offer the best conditions at the time of transfer. Private individuals do not have to do the time-consuming search for the right investments themselves, we have all the information and the network available for a safe purchase. For example, we calculate the gross and net initial yield for all projects, so that the customer can determine whether this is interesting for him/her. We translate everything we do to achieve the highest possible return from our own real estate portfolios to our customers and we also offer real estate coaching.”

Lifelong service

Rachel: “We select projects in regions where everything is right: close to the beach, in a lively environment where there is activity all year round and where people also live permanently. It must be a place where the tenant feels comfortable, both in the summer and winter months. While with other parties you receive the keys to the property after the purchase - and that was it - it does not stop with us. We offer customers our online community, including up-to-date real estate information, laws and regulations in the various regions and tips to increase your return on rental income.” Miriam: “Complete care is what we stand for and we do this with a team of ten enthusiastic Spain enthusiasts who are continuously committed to the best results for our customers. In addition, we have the right network in every region of often Dutch-speaking parties such as lawyers, contractors, notaries and mortgage providers who have the same working mentality, which ensures that the entire process runs in a very nice flow. I have a home in the south of Costa Blanca where I stay at least two weeks a month. I provide tours for our customers in this region and Rachel and Lisette also often go to other regions to take customers on tours. These two-day tours consist of viewing the best projects, discovering the area and visiting the nicest restaurants, etc. It is very personal, one-on-one and we would like to keep it that way.”


Rachel: “Our clientele consists of people who want to secure their assets in stone, are looking for a second home and are investors. Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa del Sol, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Valencia are areas that are most popular and where the highest returns can be achieved. Purchase price, occupancy rate, price per night, rental licenses and the growth of the area are decisive.” Miriam: “Why is it beneficial to invest in real estate in Spain? Purchase prices in Spain are generally lower than in the Netherlands – from 160.000 euros you can get an apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in a great location – and the value increases in the locations we selected are very good, as are the income from Rental." Rachel: “In addition to the current offer, we offer opportunities from returned objects, because it may happen that buyers abandon their purchase during the process or are unable to complete the mortgage. Thanks to our close collaboration with the project developers, we are the first to receive notice of objects that come back onto the market. This often concerns real estate from the first phase of projects. These are the gems: attractively priced, often including a furniture package and available immediately. These are unique opportunities that are difficult for you as a private individual to access.”

Transformation projects

Miriam: “Buyers can expect a gross initial yield between 7 and 15 percent and a net initial yield between 4 and 7 percent. That is higher than in the Netherlands, but depends on, among other things, the region and what purpose you have for the property. We always say: do it mainly because you enjoy having something in Spain and with money that you can spare. Because there is of course always a risk to investing, so with this intention you can better anticipate possible economic setbacks and you are less vulnerable. Lisette: “At MASTERS EXPO we show interesting real estate opportunities in Spain: apartments, penthouses, villas and transformation projects in Valencia. Vacant shop premises are transformed into homes and you can get in for an amount of between one and two and a half euros, often with a rental license. You can keep such a home and rent it out or resell it with a feasible return of more than 20 percent within a maximum term of one and a half years. To make that decision during MASTERS EXPO, we offer a VR experience at our stand where you can walk through the project and see the surroundings. Your Destinations brings Spain to the Netherlands!”

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