MASTERS, together with guest editor-in-chief John Heitinga, listed his 100 most favorite and unique addresses. Places where you can unleash your senses and taste, smell, hear, see and experience. Curious which five hotspots are on John's list? Read along.Text: John Heitinga
Online editing: Mical Joseph

Hotel Julien, Antwerp, Belgium

"In Julien Hotel we always sleep when we are in Antwerp. In the middle of the historic center. The rooms are perfectly furnished, with designer furniture, photos on the wall from Gallery Fifty One, the softest towels, bed linen made of luxurious Egyptian cotton, a bathroom in Carrara marble, Aesop products on the sink... Really great!”

Sublime Comporta, Grãndola, Portugal

“My wife found this address. It is so incredibly beautiful hotels! An hour and a half drive from Lisbon. Super cool! Within five minutes you can reach sixty kilometers of snow-white beach. We also rode horses there – through the woods, under the pine trees, over the dunes, through the surf. I had never done that before. My daughter loves horses, she wanted that. That was really great. With each other. A dream come true, especially for Jezebel.”

Das Stue, Berlin, Germany

"This hotels is behind the zoo. It was decorated by Patricia Urquiola, really beautiful. A lobby with a special chandelier and long stairs, beautiful rooms, a spa... When I was under contract with Hertha BSC, we lived in the middle of the city. If we needed some quality time together, we would sleep here for a night and eat in the on-site star restaurant Cinco by Paco Pérez.”

Joseph Klibansky

“A great artist: Joseph Klibansky. It's also amazing how he managed to get his sculpture The Astronaut on Museumplein. Dare big, act big. He is conquering the world. And he's a nice guy too. I meet him sometimes. We have mutual friends and Charlotte-Sophie and Joseph also went to school together.”

Toko Madjoe, Amstelveen

“Without wanting to sell other stores short, I think this might be the best store of Amsterdam and surrounding areas. I taste a bit of the quality of my grandmother's cooking in the dishes – very pure. You should especially come here on Fridays: that's the only day they have soto soup. But you have to order it, otherwise it's gone. And be on time, about three o'clock, otherwise you could join a very long line outside.”

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