Hidden: a unique fine dining far off the beaten path

The new hidden in Amsterdam is like a true treasure well hidden and will not be found easily. But if you eventually find it, you will be richly rewarded with a culinary spectacle. And especially for the readers of MASTERS a unique offer on this unique location...Text: Fleur de Jong
Online Editor: Mical Joseph
Image: RemiOnlinehidden Amsterdam, hidden in the basement of MaMa Kelly in the Olympic Stadium, is a fine dining restaurant with a casual atmosphere. After checking in at the reception desk at the place where memorable sports history was written, the wooden doors to this culinary gem will be opened for you.

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Surprising flavors

Hidden's menu features dishes with a French base, combined with influences from various corners of the world provided by chef Marcel Heintzberger. With specially selected ingredients and balanced, fresh acidity, he will surprise your taste buds. The basic menu varies seasonally and can be expanded with à la carte specials as desired. For example, start the culinary adventure with a chrinofils oyster, osetra caviar or lobster and finish with a passion fruit and white chocolate hangover. Get carried away for an evening and enjoy the surprising flavors while all your senses are stimulated: unique food, unique location, unique stories....

Unique opportunity: 2=1

Curious about this culinary experience? Until October 1, 2022, you get one culinary 5-course dinner for two people worth €70 offered in full by restaurant hidden. Should you wish to take advantage of this unique offer, please mention the code 'masters35' when booking online. 

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