Hendricks Yachting: Join the club

Let's cast off, because summer is coming and that means the boats of Hendricks Yachting look nice again. In Ibiza, the South of France, Dubai and Croatia you can rent boats and yachts from Vanquish, Pardo, SACS, Waterdream and Wajer at Hendricks Yachting. Since this year there is also the Hendricks Yacht Club for privileges and more... Owner Peter Hendricks explains. Text: Mical Joseph
Image: Hendricks Yachting


“At Hendricks Yachting we listen very carefully to the customer's needs. That is our number 1 priority. We now live 'again' in a world where comfort, luxury and safety are important aspects. Last year we therefore founded the Hendricks Yacht Club; an exclusive membership that consists of several facets: you get a discount of up to 20 percent on all boats that you can rent from us and you get access to the concierge service where travel comfort and high-end restaurants are within reach. Finally, you can use our own brokerage and you will receive priority for (pre-)bookings.

This gives the customer even more comfort and benefits from membership. I must say that this club only becomes really interesting if you make multiple bookings with Hendricks Yachting. If you rent a boat once, the Hendricks Yacht Club doesn't have enough benefits. This is because membership requires an annual contribution and you then get the benefits.”

The purchase and sale

“I have been a specialized broker in international shipping for over twenty years. The other interesting part of Hendricks Yachting is the yacht brokerage. The purchase and sale of yachts for our customers has actually been a long time coming. At Hendricks Yachting we noticed that there was a huge need for this. We will guide customers through the entire process and will largely focus on international purchases and sales. There is still little knowledge in this area among brokers and that is where Hendricks Yachting comes in handy.

Naturally, the process largely consists of choosing a yacht, but we will also provide guidance in the areas of VAT, import and export, crew, permits, moorings and the technical side. Many different rules apply internationally that are unknown to many. Nowadays I still see too many brokers who only sell the perfect picture, 'a yacht'. After that, the customer is often on his own. Guidance from A to Z the keys! "Hendricks Yachting | Hendricks Yachting Yacht Club