Masters to Watch: Hein van de Laar (founder Lume Traveler)

The quirky LUME Traveler is a striking choice: sturdy and refined, Dutch design. LUME Traveler mixes legendary looks with unsurpassed attention to finesse. The result? A high-end aluminum caravan. In the latest edition of M MASTERS will talk to the founder of Lume Traveler, which will be available from November 18 to 22 at MASTERS EXPO in RAI Amsterdam.Text: Bart-Jan Brouwer
Image: I-DO

Silver bullet

“My basis is formed by interior construction and the love for beautiful things, from cars to boats. I was never impressed by the design of caravans, with the exception of the typical aluminum models with rivets from the American Airstream. I saw it as a challenge to decorate such a silver bullet more beautifully. But that turned out to be of little use, because the Airstream has to meet different requirements to be able to hit the road than apply in Europe. One morning I stepped out of the shower and thought: I'm just going to develop a model myself. I thought it was a gap in the market, because to me the other caravans are all the same, inside and out. People like to drive a nice car, but don't want to hang a white box on it. That must be possible better, right? I started making sketches, with beautiful curves incorporated into them, and then sat down with a draftsman. Then a whole process follows to make it feasible. Gradually we arrived at a prototype, in which state-of-the-art design was combined with sturdy simplicity and modern technology. We went to the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. There we were welcomed so warmly and received such positive responses! That encouraged us to continue with it.”


“We're actually introducing a legend. An exclusive premium Dutch design camper, but with the advantages of traveling with a separate car. Not only the shape differs from the regular caravan, but also the use of materials. It looks like aluminum and it is. The wood is real wood, the glass real glass. My budget is not endless, so shareholders were added. They not only contributed finances, but also a lot of knowledge. This gave rise to the idea of ​​standardizing some models as much as possible, because then we could build from stock. We only want to assemble. There is no need for a drill: the hole must already be there. Because the caravan is heavier than 750 kilograms, it has a type approval, so that a license plate can be applied for throughout Europe. Initially I called it the Cube Travel Trailer, but Cube was already in use. One morning my girlfriend woke up and said, "Why not Lume?" The name is a reference to aluminum, to light and in Armenian it means 'world'. I immediately thought it was a beautiful name. A Lume stands for enjoying the outdoors with the comfort of a hotel room. You often come home broken after going camping. With the Lume Traveler you don't have that. There are thick, full-fledged mattresses - you sleep better than at home. If you fold the table, there is room for an extra bed for two children... Another key point is the roof that folds open like a convertible, so that you can see the starry sky from your bed – a more than five-star experience! In the Lume you are self-sufficient and you have your own hygiene, which is also very important in these times. It has an outdoor shower, complete with shower curtain. It has a comfortable toilet, air conditioning... And you can also cook in the open air: if you raise the tailgate at the touch of a button, a kitchen appears with four upper cupboards for crockery and glassware, two large base cupboards, three PITT Cooking gas burners, a 40 liter refrigerator and a gas connection for the barbecue.”

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