The Legacy of La Panthère: the lady who made an unforgettable impression on Cartier

GASSAN presents the most recent highlights in the field of jewelry and watches, but with GASSAN Vintage the diamond dealer also opens the doors to jewelry with a rich past. Take, for example, the remarkable story of an enchanting Belgian lady who so impressed Louis Cartier that she was promptly appointed artistic director. Her influence remains visible at the leading French jewelry house to this day.
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Discover the icon behind the panther

The Belgian Jeanne Toussaint was the style icon of the twentieth century. In fact, her taste and originality so impressed Louis Cartier that he invited her to work for the Maison. In 1933 he promoted her to artistic director, making Toussaint one of the first women in a managerial position.

Toussaint became known for her signature panther on accessories. Her nickname La Panthère was very appropriate. The style icon died in Paris on May 7, 1976, but her influences are still visible at the French jewelry house today.

Egypt collection

In the history of Cartier, much inspiration has been gained from different cultures and eras. However, one era specifically stands out: the fascination with Egypt.

In 1922, the world was captivated by the discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. This discovery had a direct influence on various art forms; from visual arts and literature to fashion and film. The first Egyptian-inspired pieces by Cartier were mainly based on motifs such as the lotus or temples. These designs were not initially considered groundbreaking, because Cartier's competitors also made similar designs. It was only when Louis Cartier had the idea to incorporate fragments of authentic Egyptian jewelry into the designs that Cartier became a pioneer in this field.


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