The new collaboration of GASSAN and soccer platform 433 NL

GASSAN and social media agency Wannahaves, previously announced a new partnership. Among other things, Diamond will become the exclusive and official timekeeper of the hugely popular online soccer platform 433 NL. MASTERS provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the official signing moment.

Since 433's founding in 2013, until today, bringing soccer content has been its core business of the platform. They now have more than 83 million followers spread across various platforms. For Dutch soccer, 433 has a specific channel, namely 433 NL.

GASSAN has been associated with soccer for many years. For example, they are the official timekeeper of no less than 20 soccer clubs, including 14 Eredivisie clubs such as Feyenoord, PSV and AZ. But with this new partnership, GASSAN is making the translation to the online soccer world for the first time. They also know that online is now just as important as offline; after all, the new generation of fans no longer always watch a whole match, but only want the highlights.

Moreover, according to GASSAN, soccer fans want more than ever. Fans want statistics, interviews, storytelling and much more. Through 433 NL, GASSAN shows its online presence in the form of branded content and (online) events. Fans and followers can look forward to more so-called locker room content, giveaways and exclusive soccer stories.

Shared vision and core values

GASSAN and 433 have been working together for some time now, so a new partnership does not come out of the blue. 433 founder Demy de Zeeuw says the following about it: ''GASSAN has been providing the trophies for 433's events for years. Because of this, we knew we were a good match. The new extension of this partnership stems from our shared vision. We are proud to work for GASSAN and achieve the common goals.''

Quality and passion are the joint core values of GASSAN and 433 NL. This is well reflected in the products of GASSAN and the online content of 433 NL. Feeling plays an important role here, according to GASSAN President and CEO Benno Leeser: "Football is emotion, so sponsorship should also stem from a piece of emotion. In addition, soccer is a very important part of GASSAN business has become a very important part in recent years.''