GASSAN raises a glass to friendship with the new Friends Gem

Last week a group of ladies took a seat at the table at HOUSE of GASSAN. What was the glass raised to? Friendship. GASSAN 121 is launching a new, sparkling gem: the Friends Gem.

GASSAN 121 is a unique cut. Building on the 57 facets of the classic round brilliant, GASSAN 121 shines with 64 additional facets; 16 at the top and 48 at the bottom. This creates a spectacular sparkle.

With the new Friends Gem you can have your GASSAN 121 diamond processed into a jewel of your choice, from elegant rings to refined necklaces. An excellent way to make your bond visible and wearable, every day.

A diamond that grows with memories

At the Friends Gem, celebrating the deep connection between friends is central. And that in the form of a diamond that grows with the friendship... According to GASSAN 121, special moments become even more special when they are shared with the people closest to us. The unique concept allows you and your girlfriend to evolve the GASSAN 121 diamond, actually as a symbol of your joint journey through life.

At every important event within the friendship - whether it is a special birthday, celebrating professional successes or marking personal highlights - the Friends Gem offers the opportunity to upgrade the diamond. This special service, with a minimum investment of 50% of the original value, guarantees that your investment in each other has not only emotional, but also lasting material value.

Curious about the ideal Friends Gem? watch here the offer.



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