GASSAN 121: Stages of love

GASSAN wants to perform beyond expectations at all times. To push the boundaries of perfection. Taking the classic brilliant to a superior level. GASSAN 121 is a unique, iconic cut. The diamond is not only beautiful to look at, but also tells a special story.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: GASSANThe brilliance of GASSAN 121 is reflected in a diverse collection of jewelry; from luxurious classics to modern and original designs. But GASSAN 121 is not the only star in this story.

Designed by nature

Diamond is pure carbon. Created billions of years ago; deep in the earth, by extreme heat and under high pressure. Diamond is older than life on earth. It is very rare and each stone is unique. Nature cannot be tamed and neither can diamonds. Diamonds are free and unbound, stubborn, determine their own destiny and therefore the way they are cut. All GASSAN does is unravel their secret and select the best diamonds for you.

Going to extremes

Turning unpredictable forces of nature into refined beauty is an exact science. Research by the experts at GASSAN, in collaboration with diamond scientists, resulted in a unique and patented cut.

The patented and unique cut of GASSAN 121 is a revolution in clarity, exploring and pushing boundaries. The result? Unprecedented brilliance.

Created with mathematical precision, intense contrast and optimal light reflection. This is what takes the GASSAN 121 diamond to the next level and makes it even more daring. Building on the 57 facets of the classic round brilliant, GASSAN 121 sparkles with 64 additional facets; 16 at the top and 48 at the bottom. This creates a spectacular brilliance. This brings each stone to life. This is what makes GASSAN 121 unique.

Personalize your GASSAN 121

Personalize your GASSAN 121 by choosing a stone that suits you and represents who you are. Choose a design to your liking and make it your own, down to every detail.

Life, love and all that goes with it are reunited in every GASSAN 121. Surprise your loved one with a beautiful piece of jewelry or treat yourself to something special from the GASSAN 121 collection. Choose a "forever piece," a lasting piece that carries with it the memories of now and later. It will never lose its value. This is also true for generations to come after you.

Diamonds retain their value from generation to generation. However, the emotional value and significance of a jewel only increases.

GASSAN offers the opportunity to exchange your diamond, for an additional payment, for a stone of higher value. Therefore, a diamond is not only a wonderful gift now, but also a brilliant choice with an eye to the future. It is not for nothing that the saying goes, Diamonds are forever.Each rough diamond is unique because it is a natural product. It takes years of experience and a trained eye to determine which stones are suitable for the GASSAN 121 cut. At GASSAN, our diamond experts select the rough stones that have the potential to meet the superior quality standards of all our GASSAN 121 diamonds: Life, Fire and Brilliance.

When buying diamonds and jewelry with diamondsis verification (with an accompanying certificate) necessary, by an independent diamond laboratory, such as HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) Antwerp. Assessment laboratories have the necessary expertise and technology to analyze diamonds and accurately map their properties. This assures you of purchasing a natural diamond that meets high quality standards in every respect.

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