From diving between continents to heavenly nights in Scotland

From diving between continents in the Silfra Gorge to a heavenly night in the Scottish valleys. MASTERS unveils a carefully curated selection of 'heaven on earth' experiences that exceed your wildest dreams and push the boundaries of the possible.
Heike Mutter & Ulrich Genth

Desert adventure

For the true adventurer, Dunes & Stars organizes a 12-day self-drive through the Rub Al Khali desert in Oman. During this expedition - for which BMS-Travellers is the exclusive sales point for the Benelux - you will drive a well-equipped 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser (two people per car) under the guidance of the highly experienced Dunes and Stars crew. This organization led by Jurjen Duintjer prepares the route that is adapted to the level of the group. You will need a lot of equipment (navigation equipment, satellite communications, off-road gear, camping gear) and at least four staff, including a cook, so that you will not be short of anything in the evening. This trip, which requires a 'normal' physical condition, is a truly unique opportunity to travel through an area where no one goes. The closest thing to an expedition on Mars!

Stairway to heaven

This metal staircase with the original name Tiger & Turtle is located on a slope in a park in Duisburg. The steel stair construction, which winds in a three-dimensional shape to a height of twenty-one meters, can be seen far and wide. If you climb the stairs to the loop, you will be rewarded with fantastic views. In clear weather you can see the city center of Duisburg on one side and you can see along the Rhine to Düsseldorf in the other direction. The striking construction was created by the artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth and looks especially impressive at sunset, when the twists and loops of the steel sculpture are illuminated by 880 LED lights. The name Tiger & Turtle refers to the rate of change of the surrounding industrial area. The dynamic development of industry in the Ruhr area in particular is symbolized in the stair frame designed as a work of art.

Photo: Heike Mutter & Ulrich Genth

heaven on earth

The valley between Glen Strathfarrar and Glen Affric, in the middle of the countryside of Inverness-shire, is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland. A magical mix of native pine forests, sparkling lochs and ghostly moorlands. Here you can perfectly walk, fish, wander, muse. And then spend the night in one of Eagle Brae's seven spacious cedar cabins. Here you can completely relax. In a writing pad there you can keep track of which animals you spot during your stay: owls, bats, ospreys, badgers, pine martens, red deer, black-throated divers, otters... The log cabins excel in comfort, with purely handmade furniture, from a chandelier of antlers into a self-woven carpet. Only all the equipment – ​​and that's quite a bit: dishwasher, oven, laptop, printer, CD player, television, blender, steamer, etc. – comes from the big city. In front of the burning wood stove it is nice to browse through the guestbook, which is on almost every page 'heaven on earth' is written.

Photo: John van Helvert

Swimming between the continents

The Silfra Fissure in Iceland is a gap between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. It offers divers (and also snorkelers) the unique opportunity to dive between two continents. Visibility in Silfra is phenomenal, often exceeding a hundred metres, thanks to the ice-cold glacial water filtering through lava fields before reaching the gorge. In fact, the water is so pure that divers can drink it during their dive. In the summer months you can enjoy the sun's rays shining through the clear water and creating a beautiful play of light on the rock formations. In winter, the snow on the surrounding landscapes provides a serene contrast to the blue water.

LXRY List 2024

LXRY List 2024, the annual wow magazine with innovative items and surprising addresses, a list that inspires and points to the future. A future in which the physical world threatens to get stuck and the virtual world is increasingly finding its feet. Digital initiatives are popping up everywhere, from works of art painted with data to Louis Vuitton's first sellable NFTs. Fortunately, there are also plenty of initiatives to protect the physical world from worse. Such as the production of plant-based cheese by a stainless steel cow and the exhibition Space farming in the Evoluon, which heralds the start of a food revolution. The barricades are also being climbed in the field of climate. For example, artist TINKEBELL uses Tata fabric to make negative prints of the flora that is doing its best to survive in the heavily polluted area around this factory. A horrible story, beautifully depicted. There is also plenty of attention for this in this edition of LXRY List beautiful stories. Such as that of Reinier Kempenaar, who, convinced that the way of farming his parents and grandparents did is not future-proof, transformed the family farm into a restaurant. This is how De Dyck was born, where 95 percent of what is served comes from its own vegetable garden and orchard. Celebrating life is also possible without leaving too deep a footprint in the clay. Be inspired by the carefully selected 186 addresses and items in this LXRY List 2024.

LXRY List 2024LXRY List 2024