Startups that are fearless and offer the world a little more convenience. Those are the companies that M likes to be in the spotlight. In the section The Only Way Is Up the founders of these successful startups are questioned about their success, mission and the future. This week the startup that does away with the addition guzzlers by easily accessing the best sharing services via an app, FIGO Mobility.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: FIGO MobilityThe big annoyance for companies: stationary lease cars that consume additional tax. This must be possible more efficiently, we thought Joost Pompe, Basri Hoogstrate en Jurgen Buisman. After coming together, the shared mobility app was created in June 2019 Figo Mobility, which gives both business and private users access to the best shared transport via an app. The problem of only one user per lease car is completely eliminated here. MASTERS was co-founder Joost Pompe questions about the success of this flexible mobility solution.

 Started from the bottom and now we're…

''We currently offer business users of companies such as YoungCapital national access to the best sharing services. We work together with Check, Felyx, Mywheels and ShareNow, among others. Thanks to the national coverage of shared services and the collaboration with leasing companies, we are about to provide transport to consultancy parties and real estate projects."

Best tip you've had?

"You have to spend a dime to earn a guilder."

Why do you think FIGO Mobility is so successful?

''Successful is a broad concept, although we have satisfied users as the main indicator of our success. Without affordable transport, your world is much smaller and therefore less fun. However, the proliferation of new sharing services and the growth in demand for these services have made it more difficult for the user. You want to be sure that you don't make a mistake. By combining the best sharing services, it is suddenly very popular for business purposes. Because who wants to sign up for a lease car for another 5 years?''

Which company/service would you have liked to come up with yourself?

"Stripe, Adyen or Mollie."

What would you do with 1 million?

"We would expand the internal development & sales team with one million in order to grow even faster and achieve better results."

What bids have there already been for your company?

''There are several conversations going on and the competition is paying close attention to us. Discussions have now been held with parties such as the NS, Pon and Autobinck. Although with twelve extra months we can really show our value.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

We currently only operate in the Netherlands, but by 2026 we will be active in Europe or have been acquired.


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