MASTERS pays tribute to pioneers who have the courage to put something new on the market and who attach great importance to innovation. In the new section THE ONLY WAY IS UP, MASTERS puts the spotlight on kick ass startups. Felyx is one of those.Text: Patrick Stoffer
Image: FelyxWho doesn't know them: the green scooters that you see tearing through the big cities. The partial scooters You can easily rent from Felyx via an app, where you pay per minute. Ideal for going from A to B without actually having to purchase a scooter. Better for your wallet and for the climate. MASTERS spoke with Felyx' founder and CEO Quinten Selhorst.

Started from the bottom and now we're..

''Felyx is at the beginning of further international growth. Since its founding in 2016 and its actual launch in 2017, this is the next big year for our company. With the expansion to Germany, France and further growth in the Benelux, the time is coming when shared scooters will really prove themselves as a sustainable transport solution for many. The fleet now has no fewer than 3.000 shared scooters.

Best tip you've had?

''Build a good team. Ultimately, a company is only as strong as your team. That is why it is very important that Felyx attracts the best talent with people who are willing to go the extra mile. By team I also mean good advisors and people who can challenge you in decisions at strategic moments. Ensure there is enough contradiction to avoid ending up in tunnel vision.”

Why is Felyx so successful?

''Felyx meets a need. Good, fast, fun and sustainable transport for people who are increasingly less willing to pay for an expensive car or scooter that also stands still 99% of the time. The forecasts for the growth of shared mobility in general are also very favorable. A boom in shared vehicles is visible throughout the world, which will also translate into a greater supply in Europe. Because Felyx is one of the first players in this area, we are ideally placed to offer this transport model as cost-efficiently as possible."

What would you do with 1 million?

"We will fully invest the 1 million in further building a good team."

Where will Felyx be in five years?

''In five years' time Felyx large throughout Europe and the first scooters are active outside Europe. Our fleet has grown to hundreds of thousands of vehicles, with a large international team.”


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