Every child deserves attention

The city is home to 150.000 children. That is the age up to and including 18 years. 1 in 5 of these children live in poverty. Poverty is another word for a shortage of money, love and perspective. That is now 20% and that is always too much. We have to do something about this together, you can't throw all the problems at the Stopera or put it on Femke Halsema's plate. We are all the city. MASTERS came into contact with the Sina Foundation…
Chantalle Laurent


The Sina Foundation means: TOGETHER IS NOT ALONE. They received a nice opening check from us for €15.000. The beginning of continued attention for this Foundation that we and all our partners hold dearly. We hope everyone. They come behind the doors and help with issues such as mattresses, curtains, but especially attention and short holidays. A day at Efteling for a family is already a lot. In this way they can already help hundreds of families. Hopefully this attention will lead to much more.

During the official opening of the MASTERS SUMMER EDITION, the check was presented to the Sina Foundation on behalf of MASTERS HQ., De L'Europe Amsterdam and several participants to give children and households the summer they so deserve.

Do you also want to contribute? Look at here what you can do.