This is the European travel destination of 2024

Sometimes the ultimate getaway doesn't even have to be that far away. A maximum of about three hours in the air to be precise. Every year, European Best Destinations examines the best destinations on our continent and this year once again a winner emerged. These are Europe's five best travel destinations for 2024.

Since 2009, European Best Destinations (EBD) has been promoting the best destinations in Europe for those who enjoy visiting us. Every year the agency selects the best travel destinations in Europe based on the opinions of many experienced travelers. This year, more than one million travelers from 172 countries surfed to the digital ballot box to cast their vote for their favorite European travel destination. There were more than 500 destinations on the voting list, but of course there can only be one winner. The results resulted in a top 20 and this is the top 5, with of course the travel champion on one.

5. Batumi, Georgia

Perhaps not the first destination that comes to mind, but Georgian Batumi is safe, green, friendly and perfect for a romantic, wellness or gastronomic trip. This year the Black Sea city received more votes than London and is one of the safest places in Europe, safer than Paris, Milan, London, Berlin and most European capitals. The city has twice less crime than a 'safe' destination like Vienna. For relaxing days on the beach, exciting nightlife, romantic stays, adventures with friends and family and culinary delights, Batumi is described as 'a true sensory journey'.

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4. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva received the most votes in the country. It is also the destination with the best quality of life in this European ranking. Rolling vineyards, dotted with picturesque villages, surround the city. Switzerland's second largest city is a mix of historic charm and vibrant culture.

The city is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and the iconic Jet d'Eau. In addition to its diplomatic significance, Geneva is known for its world-famous watchmaking and a delicious chocolate tradition. Discovering Geneva is a journey through the largest old city in the country, dining in first-class restaurants and practicing outdoor activities.

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3 malt

Sunny Malta is a perfect destination for romantic getaways, family holidays or a trip with friends. It is also a nature destination that has been awarded several times the Sustainability Label of Tourism by the European Commission and has taken the first position for travelers between 25 and 45 years old looking for an active holiday in Europe.

With a favorable climate all year round and an array of underwater locations, Malta is consistently voted one of the best diving destinations in the world. Malta's culture is a unique blend of influences from various civilizations that have lived on the islands for thousands of years, from the prehistoric megalithic people to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Knights of the Order of St. John. The country is also Europe's top LGBTQ+ destination, ranking first on the Rainbow Europe Map for seven consecutive years.

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2. Monaco

This year's number two destination, Monaco, was nominated as Most Sustainable Destination for its commitment to sustainable tourism and ocean protection. “Monaco has been focusing on green development for many years and the destination continues to expand and honor its commitment to nature,” the EBD said. The two square kilometer country is seen as a perfect destination for a trip combining wellness, gastronomy, shopping, beach, water activities and outdoor sports. It is the destination on the Riviera that received the most votes, beating Cannes and Nice. The country is characterized as the favorite destination for couples between the ages of 25 and 45.

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The absolute winner with 149.192 votes is Marbella, Spain. The city is not only considered the hippest European destination, but also one of the best golf destinations in Europe. “Wherever golfers choose to play, they will enjoy first-class golf courses, many with panoramic views of mountains and the Mediterranean Sea,” EBD said. With more than 300 sunny days, hitting a ball in the sun is almost guaranteed.

Shoppers and gourmets have also come to the right place here. Take a gastronomic tour of this culinary Andalusian city that can satisfy every craving. With three Michelin restaurants plus hundreds of other eateries serving everything from Mediterranean and Thai dishes to paella and tasty local tapas, a dining experience full of atmosphere and sublime views is at your fingertips.

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The full top 20 of Europe's best destinations for 2024 are as follows:

  1. Marbella, Spain
  2. Monaco
  3. Malta
  4. Geneva, Switzerland
  5. Batumi, Georgia
  6. Riga, Latvia
  7. Madeira, Portugal
  8. Florence, Italy
  9. London, United Kingdom
  10. Reykjavik, Iceland
  11. Lège-Cap-Ferret, France
  12. Siena, Italy
  13. Ponza, Italy
  14. Porto-Vecchio, France
  15. Champagne region, France
  16. Faroe Islands
  17. Sirmione, Italy
  18. Piran, Slovenia
  19. Newquay, Cornwall
  20. Thasos, Greece