Meet: the world's first 3D printed yacht

Sneakers, houses and even meat: almost everything rolls out of a 3D printer these days. But never before has a yacht been "printed. If it is up to Jozeph Forakis, this will soon change. Recently, the designer presented the futuristic design of superyacht PEGASUS.
© Jozeph Forakis 2023

The futuristic yacht came about on the island of Koufonissi, Greece. Jozeph was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible; made of clouds, floating over the waterline. Now literally and figuratively this may sound a tad floaty, yet it is to become reality. In fact, the yacht has a metallic, mirror-like finish that allows it to reflect the clouds and make the yacht almost invisible at sea.

The construction of the 88-meter yacht is made using 3D printing technology. The result is an extraordinary lightweight structure that can be produced with less energy, material, waste, space and time compared to conventional structures. 

Tree of Life

The centerpiece of the futuristic design is the Tree of Life. This extends to several levels and forms the core of the so-called hydroponic garden which provides freshly grown vegetables and purifies the air on board.

Pool Club 

On the top floor you will find the master suite with large private terrace. On the foredeck, Jozeph Forakis designed a pool club. Handy touch: when closed, the pool cover functions as a helipad. 

PEGASUS will emit no CO2 and have virtually unlimited range, since solar energy is used to convert seawater into hydrogen. Thanks to this technical feat, the theme of invisibility translates not only into the aesthetics of the yacht, but thus also into its environmental impact.

The PEGASUS is expected to brave the waters in 2030.