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Nowadays almost everything can be printed in 3D, but having an entire residential area rolled out of a 3D printer is unprecedented. Developer Palari Group claims this first by building a residential area with 15 sustainable, 3D printed houses in southern California. Text: Fleur de Jong
Image: Mighty Buildings

Less construction waste

The development company has already reserved a site in the Coachella Valley for the $13 million project and plans to begin construction in September. The plan is to build 15 sustainable single-storey houses, each covering an area of ​​1.450 square meters. 

Each home will be made using a modular system. The company Mighty Buildings prints composite panels, which are then assembled on the construction site. The developer claims that this method of construction produces 99 percent less construction waste and therefore minimizes the impact on the environment. All the energy the house needs is also supplied by the sun.

Lots of options

Although the construction method is impressive, this certainly also applies to the interior and appearance of the houses. Each plot will have a home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a modern interior. Buyers have the choice to add a second home to the plot with two additional bedrooms and bathroom. Naturally, every piece of furniture that cannot be 3D printed is purchased using a sustainable method. The backyard comes with swimming pool and terrace. Here too, buyers can opt for extras such as a hot tub, fire pit or an outdoor shower. 

In addition to the many extras, each home will also be advanced intelligent system contain that promises to improve health and well-being in the home. For example, the water is filtered, the air quality improves and the lighting is adjusted to the biological clock. 

The prices of the homes start at 500.000 euros and can rise to 800.000 euros with the various additional options.

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