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In MASTERS GALLERY are published weekly art works by prominent artists. EDSKEA is digital artist in heart and soul. She has been working as a VJ artist for about 25 years motionvisual art for live shows and events. Her work falls under the heading of pixel art and these pixel works of art are printed in limited editions. With each work of art, EDSKEA expresses feelings and experiences that are autobiographical and also universal.Text: Larissa Schaule Jullens
Image: Edskea

Start to See

“Start to See is a self-portrait in which I represent my sensitive self through my delicate skin. I zoom in on my emotional world. When I examine this emotional world, I see a moving chaos of emotions. But if I zoom in even further I see a surprising new reality. For the creative process on my computer, I made a photo series of my skin. Literally from a photo of my skin I depict the process in which I make myself vulnerable in my personal growth. The artwork shows the interaction of chaos and order. Start to See is an artwork from the series Under My Skin in which I tell visual stories about looking at myself.”


“Wow, how addictively nice it is to be yourself happy to eat. Cakes with coffee, a tasty hot dog at the sports match, an ice-cold frappé to wake up and chocolate donuts for my monthly period... I will continue this trend and plan to continue buying colored stroopwafels. Otherwise I won't belong anymore. I'm sick of that sugar high. It is surely the pinnacle. A world full of lifestyle diseases, obesity, diabetics, cancer and all because food would make me happy? But oh well, I just want to think about fun things, colors, being happy and above all not taking everything so seriously. Let's keep it light because there is already so much bullshit around us. We're all going to die eventually, right? Or do I still feel cheated because I fall for it again every day? Those ridiculously cheap sales tricks almost make me think that happiness is for sale.”

rainbow road

“While I was drinking a cup of coffee with my daughter in the Bijenkorf in Utrecht, I took a photo of the spectacle that was taking place under our window. At that moment my daughter asked, “Mommy, what is happiness?” This new work was created looking at Dick Bruna's rainbow zebra crossing, inspired by Escher. I said to my daughter: “I think happiness is the process of life itself. The road to a set goal. The path of development and by embracing changes, the happy path has many twists and turns.” But the happy path also has many new perspectives, turning points and insights. The road can be shaped and is also malleable. I also believe that we can be inspired by each other on the happy path. That happy path, I think, takes place largely and partly in our own heads.”
Please here a look at the EDSKEA website.