Green pioneers with a vision for a sustainable future join forces

On Earth Day – this year on April 22 – chefs Emile van der Staak, Luc Kusters and Niven Kunz present on the plate how they envision the future of gastronomy. As masters of vegetable cuisine, they join forces on this special day - when attention is drawn to a healthy and sustainable planet.
John van Helvert | Emile van der Staak, The New Shop

Pioneers in their field with a clear vision for a sustainable future. The New store (Emile van der Staak & Louise Zegelink), Bolenius (Luc Kusters) and Triptych (Niven and Virginie van Bronckhorst-Kunz) join forces.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, growing out of a growing environmental movement. Millions of people took part in protests for environmental protection. This day celebrates the successes achieved with regard to the environment and draws attention to the need to work together to ensure a safe and clean future with a healthy earth that we can enjoy together. Today, the Earth Day initiative brings together more than 20.000 partners in 190 countries to work year-round on the vision it started. Ensuring a healthy and sustainable planet for everyone. Many events and initiatives worldwide raise awareness and take action to preserve our planet.

Luc Kusters, Bolenius

What nature has to offer

On April 22 in the Bolenius restaurant, at the George Gershwindlaan in Amsterdam, the three chefs show how much beauty nature has to offer, how important it is to deal sustainably with our earth and how special botanical cuisine can be. Expect a 6-course dinner with drink pairing where sustainable, local products and specifically plants, herbs and vegetables are central…

Reservations for dinner can be made from March 23, 20.00 p.m. Make your reservation here.

John van Helvert | Niven Kunz, Tryptique