Duravit's Bento Starck Box: where elegant shapes meet smart functionality

Hornberg-based Duravit is one of the leading international manufacturers of designer bathrooms and is active in more than 130 countries around the world. The company joined forces with Philippe Starck for the new Duravit Bento Starck Box bathroom series. The result: a special design statement that meets the highest architectural requirements.

The Bento Starck Box collection, inspired by traditional Japanese bento boxes, brings a beginning of elegant serenity to the world of sinks and bathtubs. Philippe Starck describes the series as intelligently divided with wet and dry zones, creating countless individual design options. At the ISH 2023, the Bento Starck Box will be presented as part of the Duravit Artisan Lines, which includes striking design products with a traditional character. The design and manufacturing require exceptional know-how, craftsmanship and precision.

Within reach

The generous sinks of the Bento Starck Box offer plenty of storage space that is practical, spacious and comfortable. This allows all care products and accessories to be placed easily within reach. The series, consisting of washbasins, toilets and baths, is characterized by a new, clear design and fits perfectly with the bathroom furniture and taps of the White Tulip series by Philippe Starck, available in various designs and sizes.

Unusual design, innovative material

The Bento Starck Box single washbasins are made of DuraCeram®, the double washbasins are made of DuraSolid®. Duravit impressively demonstrates how unusual design is possible with the most diverse materials. The DuraCeram® material makes it possible to create washbasins with an exceptionally thin edge that are easy to clean and stable. Optimal hygiene is achieved in combination with the highly effective, antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze. Baked in the sink, it ensures that approximately 90 percent of pathogens are destroyed after six hours, and even approximately 99,9 percent after 24 hours. In addition to the toilets, all ceramic washbasins from the Bento Starck Box series are exclusively available with the ceramic glaze for the first time.

Bento Starck Box offers various surface-mounted washbasins in addition to the standard 650 mm wide washbasin. Available in white and white satin, the surface-mounted washbasins vary in shape, such as round with a diameter of 460 mm, rectangular in 550 mm width for single washbasins, and in 1140 and 1340 mm width for double washbasins, made from DuraSolid®. On all models, the tap is mounted in the inner container to prevent unnecessarily wet surfaces.

Bento Starck Box toilets complement the ceramics and bathtubs. Options include a Compact model with just 480mm overhang and a version with HygieneFlush and 570mm overhang. Matching bidets are also available, with a seat fitted with a soft and silent automatic closing mechanism that can be easily removed and cleaned thanks to integrated push buttons.

The freestanding acrylic infinity bath completes the whole. Measuring 1800 x 900mm, offering an ideal home spa experience. With the right depth and enough space for two people, it invites you to relax. A gently rounded head support and a sloping water channel to prevent residual water contribute to the wellness experience. The bath is completely pre-assembled and supplied with a base and overflow, making additional accessories unnecessary.

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